Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Woman that I am Meant to be... (plus I GRADUATED!!!)

There are so many ways that I see myself.  In my mind, I am someone amazing, who has really awesome habits and who takes great care of herself and enjoys life.

I just realized recently that I am not actually many of the things that I'd like to be.  Whenever I think about the big "who am I" questions, I picture someone that I want to be, not who I currently am.

Here is the woman that I believe I am meant to be:

I read a lot of books, while drinking tea and listening to good music.

I go for walks, or jogs, or hikes, every day, or most days.

I eat when hungry, and really enjoy my food.  Then I stop eating when I'm no longer hungry.

I have a great job, one that fulfills me, and pays well enough so that I can live in a nice home, buy lots of books, and keep my dogs healthy and happy.  

I travel a lot.  I visit my brother in New York, and I also go to Europe, and Africa, and Australia whenever I can.

I live in a liberal, hippie, important city.

I am artistic;  Whenever I can, I write, play my bassoon, paint, sing, and collage.  

I am fashionable, but not to a crazy degree;  I wear comfortable but beautiful clothes.

I love to learn;  I visit museums, read nonfiction, attend lectures, and have a college education, possibly a law degree or a PhD, but at least a bachelor's degree.

I am healthy;  My body feels great and my mind is at ease.

I love myself, my appearance, and my life.

These are all wonderful things to be, but I'm not there yet for most of them.  Some may seem silly, and others may seem pretty unattainable, but they are all how I see myself being.  (I have highlighted the ones that I already am.)

Now it's time to turn the rest into goals, and to work towards them.

Goals are fluid, and change often.  It's important to keep an open mind when reaching for your goals.  Some of these things have been goals for years;  others are fairly new.

I graduated from college with a BA in political science on Saturday.  It was a goal that I had for myself for a decade, and now it's done.  Now it's time to focus on other goals, and to celebrate the victory of achieving this one.

Mom would be so super duper proud of me.

Here are pictures of my brother Joel and my boyfriend Stacey being super duper proud of me!