my non-binge comfort list

When seeking comfort, I will try to remember to first consult this list and choose one or more of these to do, depending on how I feel...

A list of non-binge comforts...
  1. light a candle and say a prayer to or a blessing for Mom
  2. play with Diva and Jacques
  3. take a nap
  4. take a bath
  5. take a shower
  6. play solitaire (with real cards, not on a computer or phone!)
  7. read a book
  8. go for a walk, no pressure, just a ten minute commitment with or without music
  9. cry
  10. cook a healthy meal, savoring each step (shopping for ingredients, cleaning and chopping vegetables, etc.), preferably a meal that reminds me of Mom's cooking
  11. enjoy a couple of pieces of really amazing dark chocolate
  12. enjoy a cup of tea, or a glass of iced tea
  13. enjoy a glass of red wine, savoring it slowly
  14. call Joel, Stacey, or any close friend or cousin
  15. call grandma
  16. clean something, a specific room or a closet
  17. paint, collage, draw, any sort of art
  18. play the bassoon
  19. browse the latest ASMR videos on YouTube
  20. work on my novel
  21. listen to music
  22. hug a teddy bear

such wise words!!!

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Witch City Runner said...

Thank you for this list, I will save it for when I feel the urge. And thank you for your post today. I've been a binge eater for years. It's so hard to fight it sometimes. I go in and out, the same as you. Sometimes I'm ok, other times I can binge for weeks. I also lost my mom (7 years ago March 17th). I can relate to much of what you're feeling. Thank you for helping me realize I'm not alone, and know that you're not either. Take care.