Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Going back to my vegan roots...

I had a vegan epiphany recently.

I've been thinking a lot about how I'm going to get my body back to its happy weight.

One major change that I made when Mom died was that I stopped my vegan diet.  

This is not the reason for the weight gain in itself, but it hasn't helped.

The main culprit of my weight gain was binge eating.

Is it possible to binge eat as a vegan?


But am I binge eating vegan foods?


My binge foods:

chips (usually the non-vegan Sour Cream and Onion variety), cheesy pizza, snack cakes, donuts, microwave buttery popcorn, milk chocolate candies, etc.

Are there vegan versions of these foods?  Sure there are.  But they are expensive, so I can't afford to buy them often, and I really can't afford to binge on them.

So I think that going vegan will help me with my binge eating disorder.

There are many other reasons that I am going back to vegan eating, but this is honestly my number one reason right now.

I'm not back to it yet, but I am working my way towards it.  I have started to make my dinners vegan again.  

My plan is to follow a good vegan food pyramid (like THIS ONE) starting on January 1 (because what blogger doesn't love a good New Years Resolution?).

I will blog about the food pyramid plan by the end of the year.  

I'm hoping that this will be a good way to lose weight while also feeling better about myself from the inside out.  

Since Mom died, my sense of self has pretty much gone out the window.  Everything changed about my life, and I became lost.  When Mom died, I was a vegan.  That's who she knew.  She loved me no matter what, but for me there is something special about taking this step towards becoming myself again (if that makes sense).

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SewTypical said...

Nice! I think you're onto something here. With a Vegan diet, you'll be eating foods that are be good for your body.

I had one of those a-ha moments the other day, when I was eating too much, too fast. How can I expect my poor digestive system to keep up with my bad habits! It's not fair.

And thank you for the Vegan Coach link. I saved it to my blog reader. I want to improve by eating the right amounts more slowly and by supplying the nourishment my body needs, too.