Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 2010 vs. August 2011 (progress pictures)

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Yes, this is purely for self-esteem issues that I'm doing this.  I have been feeling kind of fat lately (which I realize makes no sense, since I am by no real definition "fat" unless you are comparing me to people thinner than me, and even then...  oops, tangent, SORRY!) and was inspired by my friend Katie's awesome blog to do some newer progress pictures.

Lots of pictures were taken at Stacey's 42nd birthday in August of 2010, and lots more were taken at his 43rd this last weekend.  So, here are some comparison shots.

August 2010

August 2011

August 2010

August 2011

August 2010

August 2011
August 2010

August 2011
There are definately some differences, since there are about 30-40 pounds between the two sets of photos.  I'm pretty pleased with my progress and I know that by his next birthday, these will be GOAL pictures. 


Katie said...

Leah, you can definitely see a big difference! You are so slim now (not that you were super heavy before)! I can especially see the progress in your arms and torso.

Oh, and thanks for calling out my blog! You are too nice =)

LabelSnob said...

Wow Leah! Def a difference!!
You can really tell in your face, neck and shoulders!
You look FAB!!!!! :)

Cyn said...

OMGosh yes a DEFINITE difference! You are soooo much thinner than last August.
As always an inspiration!!!

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the red suit -- so flattering!

Your hunny looks thinner too :)

Megan said...

Ow ow! Girl you look smokin!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Wow, amazing progress--you look fantastic!

Amanda said...

You look great! You can totally see a difference from a year ago. Your BF looks smaller too. Has he lost weight?

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

I'll tell Stacey that you guys think he looks smaller, he'll be happy! He has started to show signs of being insecure about his weight lately.

Jess said...

Can we talk about the fact that your hair looks adorable in both 2010 and 2011? Obviously you look great all-around in all those photos, I just really adore these short cuts on you!

Rae Jeannine said...

You definately look thinner and more toned in the 2011 pictures. I love the swimsuit and haircut you have now. I could never pull off the haircut (my hair is super thick and slightly wavy), but it looks fantastic on you :).