Monday, September 12, 2011

The prodigal Weight Watcher returns!

I stopped being an official paying Weight Watchers Online member a while ago.  About 9 weeks ago.

I was hoping to be able to continue on my own to lose the last few pounds.  (and by my own, I mean with lots of help from My Fitness Pal!)

And I was doing pretty well.  I even wrote my own new diet plan that has lots of potential, and enjoyed it for a couple of weeks.  I went from 153 down to 145.8 in about 9 weeks, which is a satisfactory rate of loss for the last few pounds in my opinion.

However... something was missing.

And I think that something, unfortunately was STRUCTURE.

As soon as I hit the "accept" button on quitting Weight Watchers Online all those weeks ago, I felt a sense of panic setting in.  No more WW tracker?  No more weekly weigh-in reminders?

But above that, I felt a sense of FREEDOM.  It was all in my hands now...  I didn't have to answer to Weight Watchers or anyone else!  I could design my own weight loss plan!  I could take what I had learned from WW and apply it towards a new plan of calorie-counting.  How exciting it was.

The thing is though, from the very beginning of this journey, I haven't had to answer to anyone but myself.  Weight Watchers Online wasn't holding my hand.  It was a tool that I used to get healthy. 

I have lost weight many times in the past, only to put it right back on (plus more, usually).  I wasn't ready to be healthy yet, and as soon as the excitement of whatever new diet plan wore down, I was done with it and ready to go back to my old ways. 

This time around I choose to hold myself accountable.  And if I find that accountability through Weight Watchers or through some other means, that's okay.

I find myself craving the structure that Weight Watchers offers.  The PointsPlus system, the commaraderie of other members, the good health guidelines...

As soon as I made the decision to sign up again (registration fee waived for previous members!!!) I knew that I had made the right decision.  All of my awesome WW memories came flooding back to me, and I feel like I'm home again. 

I know what works for me, and it's Weight Watchers.

...for now.

P.S. Personal update- I was in a car accident last week, and have bad whiplash!  That's why I'm still easing my way back into exercise.


Jill said...

SO sorry to hear about your car accident. I hope you feel better soon. Be careful with your exercising and listen to your body! As for realizing that you always only had to answer to yourself.... you just caused me to have an "ah-ha" moment. One of the things that I felt from the beginning of WW was that I had to answer to them. Every time I stepped on the scale I felt like I would be judged by someone. You just made me realize that the only one that matters is ME! You are so right. I have not been following WW for several months now- I too was tired of tracking and weighing. I am going back to my meeting this Wednesday. I am kind of in limbo right now- I have not weighed in since the end of June and have no idea how much I weigh. It has been so freeing. I think it is time to take a peek at the scale at the meeting and then see what I need to do. I look forward to hearing how things are going for you with WW.

Cyn said...

as you know i just rejoined (3rd times a charm) but all us diehard ww peeps always come full circle and go back to what works -- welcome back!

Amanda said...

Good luck with going back to WW. I hope it is what you are looking for. So far I'm really enjoying MFP even though I haven't lost in the last couple of weeks. I lost 4 lbs right away and then had a love of events the past month-two months. Now I have about 5 weeks till Mexico so I need to be 100% serious again. I'm hoping using MFP will be what I need because I really don't want to go back to paying a monthly fee.

I hope your neck gets better soon. Nothing worse than neck and back pain.

Megan said...

We all have to do what works for you. Praying for your fast recovery from your car accident!

Jennifer said...

You've gotta do what works! :) I'm selfishly happy we're on the same plan bc I like that camaraderie.

Praying for you--I hope you have a speedy recovery from your whiplash! I've had that and it sucks! :(

Maybe some gentle stretching/yoga can help strengthen your muscles?? idk... I had to do PT for my neck/back and it helped. I also had chiropractic and massage (thanks, insurance!).

Stacy Marie said...

Soooo sorry to hear about your accident. I was in an accident in May and my car was totaled... I feel your pain. It's amazing how 1 impact can really turn your body upside down.

On a happy note... welcome back to WW! I'm on there too, still!

Leanne said...

I just saw this post now, I hope you are ok! I'm glad you are back to WWers, I need to get back on the wagon as well. Feel better!!!