Monday, February 27, 2012

GAIN. I'm officially a yo-yo

I'm stressed, y'all.  Not only is life crazy at the moment, but I weighed in today and it looks as if my weight has sky-rocketed back to a pretty scary number. 

It's been such a fast gain this time that I know if I keep on going, my weight would be back to 220 by summer.  So...

Since I don't want that to happen, I will be starting to really think about health again.

Because, right now, I'm mostly concerned with my health.  Yes, I still desire to be thin, not gonna lie.

But it's not my top priority anymore.  I want to stop the Yo-yo cycle for real.

I promised myself this before, at the beginning of this blog.  But somehow, I've gotten back into the yo-yo cycle.

And I know that it's not healthy.  I know it's healthier to be obese and stay obese than it is to yo-yo up and down for a decade.  I need to get out of the yo-yo cycle.

I'm ready to focus on healthy eating.

One reason that I'm convinced the program that I want to try is Eat to Live is that I'm convinced that Dr. Fuhrman is not telling me what I WANT to hear.  Nope, he's telling me what I NEED to hear, which is that in order to get over the addiction to less nutrient dense foods (cookies, chips, ice cream, etc) and in order to achieve optimal health, I need to eat mostly plants and mostly whole foods.

I'm ready to take the plunge. 

Thanks for following me on this journey!

And I'm not quite ready to share the number on the scale with you guys yet.  Just know that it's pretty bad.  And that I'm not sorry to have stepped on it.  Also, it didn't depress me.  It just made me realize that I need to stop the binges and start Eat to Live before I gain back everything.

P.S. Please keep my doggie sister Rose in your thoughts and prayers.  She's not doing so well.


Rae said...

So sorry about your special doggie friend. Dealing with my childhood cat who is 19 years old and is dying of kidney issues myself, can definitely relate.

So you can do it and turn the gaining around. Eat to live may be exactly what you need. Good luck and better to catch the gain now than to catch it when you have gained it all back.

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Thanks so much for your support, Rae! It seriously means the world to me to have friends like you in my corner. :-)

Sorry to hear about your cat. Rose is 15, and is having heart and kidney problems with a side of pneumonia. Trying to solve each problem without aggrivating the others has been pretty impossible. said...

leah -- there is barely a weight loss blogger/person/whatever out there who doesn't know exactly what you are going through right now. i just wanna commend you for braving that scale & taking control now. most of us would wait until we gained it ALL back & then some.
you rock know matter what & you keep that number to yourself until you are good & ready to share!
we love ya regardless!

sorry about miss rose -- hope she's on the mend asap!!!


Sherry.C said...

Hang in there! I think us women are way too hard on ourselves in life. I can guarantee not many men out there would be so hard on themselves for gaining some weight. In fact they think it's funny. Focus on being healthy and happy and cut yourself a break, you deserve it.

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

I love you guys! Thanks so much!!!!

Cyn- you are so right. I need to fit some time in my life to read my favorite blogs again, it really helps to know that I'm not alone.

Sherry- OMG, thanks! I am almost always too hard on myself. And you are right about men in general, but I think it's society's fault. Men are not expected to be thin and beautiful, they are expected to accomplish in other areas, but women are expected to accomplish things all while being beautiful. It's craziness.

Katy said...

Thinking of you, Leah! You can do this! I am thinking of you and Rose.

Catherine said...

Hi Leah! Here is a link to inspire you on your Eat to Live journey....

Catherine said...

Hi Leah! Here is a link to inspire you on your Eat to Live journey....

The Fitness Watchers said...

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