Monday, August 13, 2012

Simply Filling!

Saturday started a new adventure for me:  my return to the Simply Filling Technique of Weight Watchers PointsPlus.

I have tried this technique in the past and loved it.  And it worked.  Until I started to change the plan to my liking, then all of my little changes proved to be too much to handle, and I eventually went back to counting PointsPlus for everything.

This time around, I'm going to follow the Simply Filling Technique as written...mostly. 
Like last time though, a big part of me is using this to test the waters for intuitive eating, which is how I will eat forever some day.  For now, however much it pains me to say, I need the structure that a plan offers.
I'm hoping that the SFT will be the solution to my current eating problems. 
What are my current eating problems?
Emotional eating, not cooking at all, not eating enough healthy options, and eating too many convenient foods.
Here's how the SFT works:
Eat foods from the Power Foods List (link probably only works for WW Online members).  I no longer have to count PointsPlus for any foods that are found on that list!  Instead, I am to eat them only when hungry and only until satisfied. 

I still get those 49 weekly PointsPlus, plus and points earned with activity.  Those points will be for any foods not found on the power foods list.

Anyway, my Lose 25 Pounds by Valentines Day challenge is still in full swing!  If you are a WW Online member, or have e-tools, you can join it at any time.  :-)  Two weeks in, I'm down 1.8/25.  For those of you on the challenge ("officially" or not), how are you doing?  A couple of awesome blog readers said that they would join in.  I hope that it is going well for you!  Please keep me updated with your progress.

I'm planning for a Tasty Tuesday post this week, the first from me in a long time.  Also, I may do a week of sharing my journal soon...

An example of a SFT meal: beans and LOTS of veggies!!!

I'm pretty excited about starting the SFT again.  It will be a welcome change for me.

I think that I was quickly becoming one of the "junk food Weight Watchers" that relied heavily on SmartOnes meals, Special K bars, Fiber One brownies, and other things like that.  There is nothing wrong with those foods, but when I looked back on several days in a row and saw that those typse of things made up 90% of my food... well, it's time for a healthy change.


Rachael said...

Sounds like a great way to incorporate more healthy foods and to get yourself cooking more. I wish you the best with your first week on SFT. I look forward to seeing your tasty tuesday post.

Jessie said...

Good for you on recognizing what it is that you are lacking and making the change! So far, I am down 2.2/25 lbs. I joined a cheap gym last week so that's been my lifesaver, as I'm still not exercising much willpower with food!

Sarah said...

thanks for mentioning simply filling! i've wondered about it - maybe i'll give it a try soon!

Cyn Knight said...

as ya know i am taking a breather from WW until i can get life under control and actually make a meeting -- but i love SF and am trying to incorporate my own version. like you i was relying on WAYYYYY too many convient/full of preservatives foods -- NO MORE! i am trying to eat clean, organic AND local!
good luck mama -- i know when you set your mind to it you can do ANYTHINGGGGGGGGGG!

Thin Lizzy said...

Hi Leah! Wanted to drop by and say hello. PS. You look great in your swimsuit :)