Monday, July 26, 2010

The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron

I'm sick of my life revolving around losing weight. Yes, it's a big part of my life, but since in the long run it will be a short one, I need to start thinking about other things. Like my future.
Yes, I'm excited that in my future I will be thin and beautiful. :-) But what will this thin beauty do with herself?
My brother got me the book "The Artist's Way" for my 24th birthday. I'm coming up on my 26th in a couple of months, and I just now decided to go for it.
It's a 12-week program that encourages all artists to unblock their creative sides, and to nuture their inner-artist.
I used to call myself an artist. I have a few paintings up in my house that I painted and look at with pride.
I'm finally ready to get back to it. I've put my life on hold for long enough!
It's nice to have something to focus on that has nothing to do with weight loss or my job or my boyfriend.
Nope, this is ALL ABOUT ME and MY ART.

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