Monday, January 28, 2013

a runner's body

Have you ever seen someone running along the street or at a nearby treadmill and thought to yourself "Some day I will have a runner's body like that!"?

I know that I have.

I think that most people have an idea of what a runner's body should look like, and many of us strive for that ideal when we begin to run or to think about running.

I know that I had those thoughts quite often in the past.  They motivated me to want to run.  I was more about getting that long, lean, look than I was about being a runner.

But I had an epiphany recently, while I was running.

Here's what I realized:  Right now, at this very moment, I HAVE A RUNNER'S BODY.

You wanna know how I know that?  Because I am a runner.

There is no reason to strive for some "ideal" that is likely unrealistic for most people, especially for those of us who cannot devote every day to running and who are genetically destined to be pears or apples.  Instead, we need to all focus on getting healthy, embracing ourselves as we are, and embracing our bodies as they are (and remember all the while that the size of our bodies does not dictate beauty, either outward OR inner beauty).

I'm not there yet, but I'm working hard towards it!  Today I ran 1.25 mile straight, 2.5 miles total.  By the end of March, I will be able to run 3.1 miles straight (a 5K).  By October 6, 13.1 miles hopefully...  So there is no doubt in my mind that I am now a runner.

And if you run, you are a runner, and you have a runner's body.  So enjoy it!!!

a runner's body


Rachael said...

I have been there with the "running body" thing. Running bodies do come in many shapes and sizes, not just the one shown to us by the media in magazines. Keep up the great running!

cyn knight said...

love this! i certainly don't fit into the *ideal* of what people envision a runner to look like -- but attend one race/running event and you will find that VERY few really do!

so glad you are loving the run -- it's something that no one gets unless they do it and love it despite the hard work!


Anonymous said...

Great post! I am working towards completing a 5K in March as well.

I've been reading your posts for a while but this is my first comment. I relate to so many of the things you write about. Love your blog! Keep up the awesome work. :)

bookyeti said...

AMEN! :)

Julie Bennett said...

I ran my 1st 5K 18m ago. I have done nothing since so I am so glad I found your blog. I am doing WW and trying to get fit again.