Friday, March 8, 2013

a little perspective...

July 2011 - 146 pounds

I actually stumbled across this on Google images, while researching cellulite, LOL.

I forgot that how tiny I got a couple of years ago. I remember only kind of liking this picture back then. How crazy is my perception of myself?

This picture first made me a little sad, because I am currently 43 pounds heavier than I was in it.

But here's the thing: I am learning to love my body as it is NOW. How I ate back then was clearly not sustainable for me. I'm working towards self-acceptance, furthering my recovery from EDNOS by letting go of the ideas of perfection, nurturing myself by cooking and exercising most days, and really learning to enjoy both.

I'm happier with my body TODAY than I was 43 pounds lighter. Because I appreciate it more. I love it more.

March 2013 - 189 pounds

And oh yeah, I've learned that life is short. I have spent way too many days crying about FAT. I'm no longer willing to waste my precious time feeling terrible about things that I have no control over. (Yes, you may say that I DO have control over my body size, and you are mostly right, but I cannot change it IMMEDIATELY.) All I have control over today are my choices.

And I choose to eat (mostly) healthy food, to exercise (almost) daily, and to love myself and my body unconditionally. Join me, won't you?


Mariebop said...

I'm learning to love myself as I am now. It's a work in progress. Some days are better than others. Thankfully, I have a husband who's constantly grabby body parts and that helps. LOL! :P

cyn knight said...

amen!!!! you are so right -- we can change our bodies but not immediately and we live in a world of instant gratification. loving ourselves TODAY is the key!
you are such an inspiration darlin'!

Tiffany said...

Good for you!

85 pounds and counting said...

I've just discovered your blog today by searching for Weightwatchers blogs as I've just started, (and had some very unloving thoughts about my own body today, sadly). You've helped me feel more positive - great blog :)

Robyn said...

Hey I'm new to your blog but I'm glad I found you, I lost 100lbs three years ago and have recently gained about 60lbs back...I love what you said about loving yourself and your body more now and appreciating it, definitely reminds me to have perspective