Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015 - Weight Loss Results

So I've decided that I will do monthly updates on the blog about how my weight loss is going.  Again, I'd like to remind everyone reading that though I am once again trying to lose weight, I am not making this the main focus of my life.  Therefore, the results may not be HUGE every month.

But perhaps taking a more recovery-focused path will make the results, whatever they are, huge in a way.  Because it's nice to be losing weight while still loving my body.

I love my body for what it does, and for sticking in there despite years of my not taking proper care of it.  It's mine, and it's the only one I will get, and I love it.  Thanks, body!  You freakin' rock.

So here are the stats:

Starting 2015 weight: 255 lb
Weight lost in January 2015: 10 pounds
Current weight: 245 lb
Total weight loss in 2015: 10 pounds

I'm pretty happy with the weight loss.  So much fluctuating happened in January, reminding me that even weekly weigh-ins may be too much.  I'm going to only weigh in twice in February because of this. 

Here are my progress pictures so far:

Official 2015 "BEFORE" picture:

January 2015 Progress Pictures:

Any realizations learned, any EDNOS progress made in January:

The biggest thing that happened this month, ED-wise, is that I binged a few times.  I recognize that I have a problem with binge-eating, and that I need professional help with this problem.  I am now on two waiting lists:  one for a psychiatrist and one for a psychologist.

I am also super proud of myself for blogging 8 times in January!  I would love for 2015 to be the year that I get back into regular blogging.  The last 3 years have had very sad total blog counts at the end of the year.  :-(

So this will be a monthly blog entry: Results.  I wonder how much I will lose in February?

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