Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5K training plan (

So, I'm totally doing a 5K on May 9.

It's one of those fun ones, with no real race or time goal involved.  Perfect for my first 5K post-leg-break.

It's the Foam Glow 5K, coming to Nashville on May 9, 2015!!!  (Click pic to go to site and see video)

I'm excited but a little scared.  Mostly scared because it's at night, and there is foam, and I have weak ankles.  So I'm going to spend time not only training to run a 5K, but working in physical therapy on my ankle issues.

Anyway, I started a 5K training program this week, and I'm very excited about actually having completed day 1 last night.

Click this link to go to's program that I'm following.  Here's a snippet from it, showing what I am supposed to do for the first 2 weeks:

The only thing that I'm changing is that instead of outdoor running, I am training on a treadmill.  There is no sidewalk or running area anywhere  near my place and it's cold out anyway.

My first 30 minute workout went very well.  I stuck to 30 second intervals, and ended up going for 1.55 miles in that time, which puts me at about a 1 hour 5K time right now (probably actually longer than that, since this was a zero incline treadmill workout).  So there is definitely room for improvement! 

I look forward to see how the rest of the training goes.  I love to compete with myself, so I will try to go further than 1.55 miles in 30 minutes tonight, by adding in some 60 second running intervals (but probably sticking to mostly 30 second ones - I'm still a beginner and don't want any injuries!).

Anyway, it's amazing to me how much better I feel about pretty much everything after one workout.  Like life could be good or something.

Updates on my updates:

1) The 1 mile run went great!  It was a very hilly mile, and I hadn't trained AT ALL, so I walked oooooooooooh about 75% of it.  However, I had a blast and we raised money for a great cause! Here's a picture of me with some of my team:

2) The ED center rescheduled me for next week because of last week's storm, so I still haven't gone there, and honestly I'm starting to have second thoughts because they are expensive!  Maybe I should just get a "regular" psychiatrist and a "regular" counselor instead of insisting on ED specific ones??  Hmmm.

Anyways, I'm thrilled to be running again, even if it is for 30-60 seconds at a time.  I stretched afterwards, and my legs are not that sore today!

me before killing last night's workout

What have you done to make yourself proud lately?


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I would recommend sticking with the ED center. Most regular therapists, although they are helpful in general, just can't offer as much help in the ED area because they aren't trained in it. If it takes a lot longer to address your issues with a non-ED therapist, you'll end up actually paying MORE that way anyway. In any case, the expense will be so worth it for your future health and happiness!! You are worth it!

That's exciting about the running again. I miss running ... I stopped early in pregnancy because I was so sick, and now I can't start again until after the baby comes. Really miss that endorphin rush!!Good luck