Friday, February 13, 2015

Things are happening!

A few things that are happening soon:

1) Tomorrow, I am participating in my first running event since the terrible leg injury in July!  I haven't trained at all, and it's an underwear run, and it's a one miler after drinking... but it's for charity and I'm running with my favorite people in Nashville besides Stacey (my fabulous co-workers), so I'm stoked about it.  If you have a couple of dollars to donate to cancer research, please click this picture and donate to my page:

Donate to Cupid's Undie Run- Leah K. New
2) Next Wednesday, I have an assessment at an eating disorder treatment facility.  I am going to go in there with an open mind, and hope that they can help me build a treatment program that is right for me, including my life, my income, and my mixed bag of mental illnesses.  I'm happy to finally be getting some help again.  It feels good to take care of myself in this way, even though it is also pretty scary.
3) Tonight, I'm going to the mall and I am going to finally treat myself to some underwear and bras that fit my body as it currently is.  I will probably also find myself a cute new sweater for work.  This is a great thing to do for myself, and I fully intend to blog about the experience soon.  It's important to have underwear that fits right and feels comfortable.
I guess that's it for now!  What's going on with you? 
Let me know in the comments!

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