Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge!

Yes, it's a calendar goal.  And yes, I remember that I said "no more calendar goals".  But... bear with me.  I really think that this will help motivate me to focus on my weight loss journey as a part of my daily life, instead of an afterthought.

The challenge is this: 

Lose 25 Pounds by Valentines Day. 

I officially started this last Saturday (July 28th) with my weigh-in of 185.8.  Between July 28th and February 14th, there are about 30 weeks.  So really, the challenge is "Lose 25 Pounds in 30 Weeks".

But I thought that since there was a holiday right around the end of the 30 weeks, I'd jazz it up a bit.  Valentines Day is not a big deal to me, but now I have a fun date to focus on for the next 25 pounds.

160.8 is the goal for February 14, 2013.

Since I currently am pretty heavy, I don't think that it will be a huge problem to lose a pound or so a week for the next 25 pounds.  Those 5 extra weeks are in there for my birthday, Christmas, and random emotional eating weeks which will probably happen. 

After the next 25 pounds, it will probably slow down a bit, but I think that while I'm still overweight ("normal" for me is 154) I could realistically lose a pound a week as long as I follow Weight Watchers and/or My Fitness Pal.

Anyway...  That's the challenge.  Anyone want to join me?  ;-)  I think that I will add an "official" challenge ticker to the top of this blog, just for fun.

I'm about to share with you a picture of myself in a swimsuit, taken last night.  I will take another one in the same suit on Febrary 14th, 2013.  If I make my goal or not. 

WARNING:  PLUS-SIZE SWIMSUIT PICTURE!!! If curvy, lumpy, bumpy, size 16 women in swimwear offend you, divert your eyes!!! 


Mom on a mission said...

You are beautiful!

Unknown said...

I'm in on the challenge! I am actually right around the same weight as you are, and Valentine's Day is my birthday (and 2 months away from my wedding) so you can definitely count me in! :-) PS: I totally like that swimsuit! said...

I'm in with you, Leah! I actually have a little bit more of an aggressive goal of 25 lbs by my 30th (Jan 20)...but I I'm definitely in!

Shanny said...

You can do it! I love that bathing suit AND you look great in it =)

Rachael said...

You can do it, that is definitely a realistic goal. I also think that is a great bathing suit.

Megan said...

I am totally in! Depending on how everything with breastfeeding goes. I'm back on the band wagon for c25k and tracking calories.

And you are beautiful and look awesome in that bathing suit! Go Leah!

Jennifer said...

You are so beautiful, Leah!! Even in size 16 swimwear! ;) Just sayin...doesn't matter what size you are! I think you're gorgeous.