Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Vegan Food Pyramid Weight Loss Plan

So this is the basic food plan that I've been following since December 28th (more or less, with a few pizza and chips episodes unfortunately... but that's a blog for a different day).

I have adjusted the amounts a bit, and I don't measure anything precisely except for my oatmeal.  Everything else I eyeball and use common sense.

I also drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

I stick to the smallest number mentioned in the pyramid in order to lose weight while still getting in the nutrition my body needs.

This means that my goals for the day should be:

2 cups of vegetables
1.5 cups of fruit
3 cups of whole grains
1 cup of beans
1 oz nuts
1 cup "milk"

I adjusted for my taste preferences a bit, and swapped out the beans and grains some.  So this is what my personal goals are:

2 cups vegetables
1.5 cups/3 small pieces fruit
2 cups whole grain
1.5 cup beans
1 oz nuts
1 cup "milk"

I have been meal prepping like crazy.  Every Sunday I spend an hour or two in the kitchen to get things ready for the week.  I make enough dinner for Monday through Friday and enough lunches for Monday through Wednesday.  Then I do another lunch prep mid-week.

I'll blog about my food prepping soon!  For now, here's an example of what I've been eating:

And here's how the weight loss is going so far:

Some blog entries that are currently in the works:

Changes I've noticed since going vegan...
From no exercise at all to running a marathon- part one... and
Meal prepping tips from a lazy vegan who is on a budget...


Fear Factory said...

Nice blog ! I discovered you from the ggdiet blog haha

DJHenn said...

I have recently returned to my vegan ways also. I diverted for 3 months and regained 25 of the 50 pounds I had lost.....and I feel like crap. I felt so much better eating whole food plant based! Good luck to you!