Friday, July 9, 2010


I am so fickle. I go back and forth with everything diet.

One month I desperately want to eliminate all processed foods and "eat clean", the next month I want to eat like a "naturally thin" person would, and then I just want to eat junk food only. Then the cycle starts over.

Why must I be so fickle with dieting?

The one thing that I am 100% committed to is eating vegan. No meat, dairy, or eggs will make appearances in my diet.

I long to be a natural, clean-eating vegan, a la "In Defense of Food" and the Superhero chapter of The Kind Diet. But I usually end up being a half-healthy, half vegan junk food-eating vegan, a la "Skinny Bitch".

I am happiest with my diet when it includes some processed vegan junk foods every day. Eating things like potato chips and oreos makes me feel like I am NOT on a diet. When I eat chips or cookies regularly and STILL LOSE WEIGHT I feel victorious over the dieting industry.

But I feel better physically when I abstain from those things, and eat mostly whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils.

I spent a long time trying to manipulate WW into a "happy medium" that will suit my needs, but I figured something out:

Weight Watchers, when followed correctly, is a happy medium. I eat mostly healthy foods, with a few points left for some vegan junk food. I feel great, because (outside of dairy), I am meeting all of the Good Health Guidelines. I don't feel deprived, because I am still eating something "naughty" every day. (Usually baked french fries and redvines, my newest favorite low-point vegan snacks!!)

Hurray for Weight Watchers!

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Joel B. said...

I totally agree. When you follow WW, you get results every time. As a leader once told me: if you sorta follow program, you sorta lose weight. Keep up the healthy work! :-)