Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another post about how I never cook

It's very rare that I do more than use my rice cooker. I just had to share how I get through my days as not just a vegan, not just a vegan who doesn't cook, but as someone who does the seemingly impossible job of being a vegan who doesn't cook and is trying to lose weight.
It's easier than it sounds.
The products that I recommend here are just some of the foods that I eat regularly. I also eat a LOT of fresh produce and healthy things like brown rice and oatmeal, so don't assume that I eat nothing but processed vegan junk food after reading this! :-)

I have a few products to thank:

Bird's Eye Steamfresh vegetables- I cannot recommend these too much. You can find these in the freezer section. Frozen vegetables don't go bad, but even if they did they wouldn't in my house. Lately I've been guilty of eating a bag of vegetables almost daily.
Put the entire bag in the microwave for five minutes. That's it. You're done. You have a big bowl of steamed vegetables ready to keep your stomach full and happy. Zero WW points, too. Unless you want to add a teaspoon or two of extra virgin olive oil, and then you add points for that. (a great way to get in ALL your vegetables serving and healthy oils at once, something I do for a late-night snack often).

JIF (or Skippy, or Kroger generic) Natural peanut butter: I have always loved peanut butter. It is one of life's little pleasures. Sometimes a tablespoon of peanut butter (2.5 points) is enough to please me, sometimes I need 2. But usually 1 tablespoon with a banana or an apple makes a GREAT and very filling breakfast.

Another idea: Melt a tablespoon of peanut butter with 2 tablespoons of light karo and use as a syrup over some dairy-free frozen waffles!!! A-Maz-ing.

Old El Paso (or Taco Bell, or Kroger generic) Vegetarian or Fat Free Refried Beans: I love refried beans!!! For lunch, I will sometimes eat a half cup of these (1 point, 4 points for a whole cup, Evil WW Math) with some salsa (and sometimes a tsp of EVOO), spread on some Wasa crispbread or a flour tortilla.

Full of flavor, fiber, and protein, but not high in either fat or WW points, refried beans rock.

Wasa High Fiber Crispbread: I cannot give this stuff too much credit. I eat this in the morning with peanut butter, in the afternoons with refried beans and salsa, and in the evenings with pizza sauce and Daiya "cheese" for mini-pizzas. These are tasty, crunchy, low point, and very filling. Mostly I enjoy how crunchy and low point they are, since I am a recovering chip-a-holic.

Amy's Roasted Vegetable Frozen Pizza: This pizza is possibly the most delicious thing on this earth, vegan or not. Please, go try it. I'm not joking or exaggerating, it's the best food on Earth.
The ONLY downfall of this delicious delicacy is that is costs at least $7.00 for one relatively small pizza. :-(
So I have this once or twice or month, or more if someone else buys one for me. Also,
<-----not a low-point food if you eat the WHOLE thing in one sitting.


Rae said...

Great post and I enjoyed hearing about the foods that you enjoy. Many of those I also enjoy on a regular basis and some of those, particular the pizza I really want to try. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Sundara said...

I like this pizza too. I like this post about vegans not cooking...but be careful with the microwaving...I have read that it is not the best way to retain all the good vitamins & minerals in the veggies. Steaming them is what I usually do, hardly takes anytime at all. Just a thought! Good luck...losing weight is so easy when you remove the dairy/meat!

Michelle said...

You are a Godsend right now, you've no idea. I've been trying to cut back on the amount of animal products I use (haven't gotten to the point where I can make a full plunge yet) and all of those ideas are brilliant, esp since my life is about to get super busy soon (work will get busier, plus I'll be taking classes). So thanks thanks thanks!

JaJo said...

The Steamfresh veggies are a must have in our house! Thanks for the tips!