Monday, July 19, 2010

Progress Pics Coming Soon!!!

I have finally put the pictures from my camera onto a picture CD, so sometime this week (hopefully tonight) I will be uploading some progress pictures.

I will describe them now, so you will be prepared.

I'm wearing a pink sports bra and size 20 jeans. The "before" pictures are from last May, me at 220 pounds. The "40 pounds gone forever" pictures are from yesterday. Wearing the same outfit in all pictures, for best comparison.

I didn't realize what a difference there was until I saw these side by side. Looking forward to sharing these pictures with my blog.

There is a lot of skin showing, so if you get embarassed by that (maybe my brother who follows this blog) you probably shouldn't look... But I am mostly covered. Like I said, sports bra and jeans. Not a bikini, not naked. But because I was pretty large in the "before" shots, to me, they seem shocking.

You be the judge! Either way, they are getting posted this week.

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