Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FRUIT... is amazing.

I only recently have discovered how amazing fruit is. Yes, I've eaten fruit before, probably since before I can remember.
But this summer my mind has been opened to the wide variety of fruits the world has to offer!
And yes, I am almost definately not eating local right now, which is very unkind of me, but... oh well for now. Maybe eating locally grown produce will come to me later.
I never like melon. I tried melon once or twice years ago, and decided that it wasn't for me. Recently, I have grown to LOVE melon. Especially cantelope and honeydew! Delicious!!!
Bananas continue to be a staple for me. I eat a banana every morning with my breakfast. Bananas and apples used to be the fruits that I ate on a regular basis.
In my fruit-to-be-eaten pile on the counter right now I have: kiwis, oranges, bananas, watermelon, black grapes, apples, and a plum. Only because I ate the rest of the cantelope last night. :-) Plus canned pineapple, since fresh is too expensive for me. But I made sure to get the kind without syrup, and it's amazing!
Forget what you've read about fruit being too high in sugar: It's low point because it's full of water and fiber. The natural sugar that fruit contains is just the icing on the cake, if you will.
WW Fruit tip: Use SetPoints! SetPoints are a part of the plan, NOT cheating. I don't weigh or measure my fruit, I just use SetPoints. http://www.weightwatchers.com/plan/int/planguide_12.aspx
Eat up!


JBN said...

Love it. WW has always made me feel like fruits were secondary to veggies so I started to feel guilty about eating so many. Thank you for affirming their value for me!!

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Hi Leah, I wanted to respond to your comment here. I'd be interested to know where you saw 0 = 0 on the WW website because I assure you, that 0+0 does not always equal zero. I am sure you know all foods have calories, even vegetables. And though it would take a lot of chewing, you COULD gain weight (or more than likely - stall your loss) by eating enough of them. If you go to etools, pull up any zero point veg and play with the serving sizes. You will see the points go up as your serving size goes up. Of course if you are not seeing any issue, my advice is to do what you're doing. But if that ever changes, I'd recommend limiting your 0 point foods/serving sizes. PS So glad to see you're vegan and congrats on your own success!!

NewGilmoreGirl said...

I said on your blog that zero + zero always equals zero when it comes to zero points vegetables. WW has said this numerous times, including in the booklets handed out in the meetings. This quote is straight from the article "When zero doesn't equal zero" that you referenced in your blog:

"The truth, according to Maria Walls, Manager of Program Development for Weight Watchers International, is that 'the idea of the zero-POINTS-value food was not created as such; they are the result of the calculation of the proprietary Weight Watchers formula at a particular calorie level.' The only true "zero" is a vegetable that occurs naturally from the earth. They are the only zero that when eaten by the bagful can still be called a zero. According to Maria, the idea of the "free" vegetable was created to give members a break from counting these very low-calorie foods that 'generally did not contribute to weight gain.' "

Thanks for the comment and the well-wishes! Just wanted to know why you would say that zero points vegetables aren't always zero points when WW says that they are...

Again, I LOVE your blog, and am currently reading it all the way through. I love what you say about success being measured by how you do, not just the scale. So true!

NewGilmoreGirl said...

...and I think that the zero point veggies being added to more than zero points is just a flaw in the e-tools tracker. Simular to the flaws regarding the Simply Filling Technique tracker!

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Thank you for providing the quote, but I stand by what I wrote and keep it to a zero point serving. 3 baby carrots are 0 points. If you enter 16 ounces of baby carrots in eTools, I believe it comes to 3 points. But again, if you don't have an issue and want to count them your way, that's your right. However I came back here to warn you: the almond cheese is NOT vegan, which I learned the hard way. It has "casein" in it, which is a milk product. Now I use raw tempeh (2pts worth) instead.

NewGilmoreGirl said...

The e-tools tracker only counts calories, fat, and fiber and pays NO attention to the other rules that WW has, like with zero points vegetables and the fact that the first two healthy oils don't have points if you follow the Simply Filling Technique (the "new" Core). So it's not "my way" as you say... it's WW's way.

Thanks for the advice about the almond cheese, yes I realized that I should have read your next blog entry before commenting, it addressed the issue there.

***BTW, I love that you commented on my blog! You are practically famous in the WW blog community, so it's an honor. Thanks!***

JBN said...

Hmm, interesting dialogue going on here!

I don't have the will power to live by the Simply Filling Technique, so all I know is that, at least on the Momentum Plan, 2 tsp of olive oil is 2.5 points, even though 1 tsp is just 1 point. Which saddens me daily.