Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The 5 Stages of Weight-Gain Grief...


I don't know how or why I gained 1.6 this week. :-(

But I do know that I did.

And it sucks.

Here's how I'm rationalizing this using the 5 Stages of Grief to make my thoughts a bit more clear:

1. Denial: What happened? There is no way that I gained 1.6 in ONE WEEK since in theory it takes 3500 extra calories to gain 1 pound, so I would have had to eat an EXTRA 5600 calories for this to have been a REAL GAIN, and that's on top of all the exercise that I did. Not a real gain.

2. Anger: F YOU, scale!!! You are an idiot. F YOU, WW. I followed you to a T and still gained. I hate WW and I hate my scale!!! And I hate birthday cake...

3. Bargaining: Okay, fine, so I gained some weight. I promise that I will be a good and perfect WW-er next week, and in return I will lose what I gained this week plus a pound! Right? RIGHT?!

4. Depression: Why me?! Everything was going so well. I was on track to losing 50 pounds in 2010 just last week. Now I'm behind. I suck at WW and at life. What is wrong with me??!!

5. Acceptance: Fine. I gained 1.6 last week. That was LAST WEEK. This is this week, and I will be owning up to the gain on ww.com, I will blog about it, and I will stay true to WW this week and losing at least some of the gain. Gains happen, and they aren't always explainable.

I can only change the present and the future, not the past. So, here's to me, moving on. *clink*


melissa said...

i'd blame the weather, or aunt flo. your average weekly loss is still over 1 pound! that's fantastic :)

JBN said...

Clink, indeed!