Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lose 12.6 by Xmas Challenge- Week 3 Results

Here is the latest update for my "lose 12.6 by Xmas" challenge!  The results were less dramatic this week, but I expected that and I'm happy with how the challenge is going.  As you can see, the second picture is a bit closer up than the first, but I think that you can see a difference in the definition of my waist and hips, which makes me very happy.  :-)

Here are the "official" results for the week:

weight- 160.8 (-1.2)
total weight loss for challenge: 5.8

measurements (+/- from last week)
neck: 12 (+/- 0)
upper arm (widest part): 13 (+/- 0)
bust (widest part): 37 (+/- 0)
bust (below breasts):  32.5 (+/- 0)
waist (smallest part): 31 (+/- )
waist (belly button): 35 (-1)
hips (widest part): 44.5 (-0.5)
thighs (widest part): 24.5 (+/- 0)
thighs (halfway b/w knee and crotch): 20 (+/- 0)
calf (widest part): 14.5 (+/- 0)
inches lost from previous week: 1.5

total inches lost for challenge: 15.75

So in three weeks, I have lost 5.8 pounds and 15.75 inches.  I'd say that those are amazing results!  I'm proud of myself for turning this weight gain around when I did instead of letting it go on even longer.

Coming soon: 
- a cookbook review and a recipe from it!!!  (hint: it's a simple bean recipe)
- Tasty Tuesday!


Cyn said...

woohoo good for you! you are rockin' it -- but i had no doubt you would!

Jill said...

AWESOME job! I can totally see a difference in the 2 photos! You took control and are doing it! Way to go!!!

Mariebop said...

Woot! You're doing great! Keep up the good work!

Megan said...

Leah you're doing wonderfully! So proud of you!

Buffy Halliwell said...

Great job!

LabelSnob said...

congrats Leah! You're doing awesome!!! Keep up the great work!

Rae said...

Fantastic job!

tan said...

Hi Leah I have following your blog for wanted to tell you how inspiring you are.i have joined weight watchers last night.with hopes that I can learn what I am eating and how to do it.i love reading about your progress.great job.tanya