Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lose 12.6 by Xmas - Week 4 Results!

weight: 158.0
weight lost from preview week: 2.8
total weight loss for challenge: 8.6

neck- 12
upper arm (widest part)- 12.5
bust (widest part)- 37
bust (below  breasts)- 32.5
waist (smallest part- 30.5
waist (belly button)- 35
hips (widest part)- 44.5
thighs (widest part)- 24
thighs  (halway b/w knee and crothch)- 20
calf (widest part)- 14
inches lost from previous week- 3.5
total inches lost for challenge- 19.25

Needless to say, I'm thrilled with my progress from this challenge!  :-)

Unfortunately, I'm feeling sick, like I'm coming down with a cold, so I'm not going to pushing myself quite so hard this week.  This may end up not being a big losing week for me, but since I lost 2.8 last week, I'm not too worried about it.  I'm going to be gentle with myself while I recover from this cold, which for me may mean less exercise than usual.

I hope that all of your weeks are going well, and I will be trying to do a Tasty Tuesday this week, but I doubt there will be any other posts.  It is looking like it will be another super-busy week for me!


Cyn said...

wowie girlie -- you are totally rockin' your challenge -- good for you! amazing what we can do with determination & motivation!

Stacy Marie said...

Go you! :)

Katie said...

Your success has inspired me to join MFP! You look great. I started it this week and its interesting dual tracking it with WW - I am going to move to MFP exclusively when my WW subscription runs out.

You might remember me, we 'met' on the WW message boards. I switched my blog URL from Katie's Pirate Booty to Pieces of Cake ( What is your MFP user name? Mine is kev1124 We should be friends on there and share more inspiration!!!