Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 Day Picture Challenge - Days 1-3

I've decided to try out a 30 day picture challenge just to help myself get back into the habit of regular blogging.  I blogged 5 times in March, which is pathetic!  Yes, I'm busy but I love my blog and hate neglecting it.  So, I will blog once a day in April, and sometimes it will only be that day's picture, but other times I will post more substantial things.  :-)  I hope you enjoy this series, I know that I will!

Today is the 3rd, so I will go ahead and do the first 3 days photos today.

This was my dinner: Zucchini, bell peppers, kidney and black beans, and a lot of greens!

Two in one:  me wearing my workout clothes and holding my water, right before I got on the Nordic Track!


Rae said...

Love this idea. I should find a general one and do this sometime for my blog. Been looking for additional sources for idea to keep myself writing and to keep my readers entertained.

Great start to the month with these pictures. Your meal looks great!

tan said...

Dinner looks yummy!!!!