Monday, April 30, 2012

Diet and Exercise - for the health of it?

So I stop blogging for a couple of weeks because school became increasingly more difficult, and I come back and EVERYTHING'S DIFFERENT??!!!  Change and I aren't always friends, but I'm going to give this a chance because it looks as if I have no choice in the matter.

Anyway, today as I was completing my fourth final (one more to go and then this semester is OVER), I had an epiphany that  I knew I would have to share with you guys.

And it came to me in a crazy hypothetical question.

"If I knew that it was physically impossible to lose any more weight, and that I would have to accept my body looking exactly as it looks now, would I still work hard at improving my nutrition and exercise plan?"

...and I've actually had to consider my answer.

We all know what my answer SHOULD be.

Of course, it SHOULD be "Yes, obviously I would keep on working on my health even if I knew that my body wouldn't get any smaller."

But I honestly don't know.  I feel like I still am mostly motivated by weight loss.

This is probably why I failed at maintaining my low weight of 144 a year ago:  I want to lose weight.

Do any of you guys believe in the law of attraction? I definately do.  I don't want to get too  new-agey on you guys, but bear with me while I talk some LOA stuff for a bit.

It's my belief that if I keep on wanting weight loss, I will keep on attracting NEEDING to lose weight.  I need to change my goals around.

Instead of wishing for weight loss, I need to wish for optimal health and strength.  These are thoughts that I want to put into the universe, not thoughts of weight loss.  I always want to get healthy and strong, but I don't want to always want to want to lose weight.  Does that make sense?

Anyway, yes, I still have at least 15 more pounds until I get to my goal weight.  BUT, I'm going to start focusing on health first.  Hopefully, weight loss (FAT loss, anyway) will be a side effect of my healthy lifestyle.  I'm hoping that by changing my focus, I will be better prepared to maintain my weight loss this time around.

#1 Goal = health!!!
#2 Goal = strength!!!
#3 Goal = get smaller.

P.S.  The semester is almost over, so I should be able to post a bit more regularly again soon.  I miss my blogging!


Tri Chic ~ Jury said...

Nice to see a post from you, I had been mia from blogging a bit too.
You're still looking good! :) I hear you on motivation, I'm working on a new/different approach too. Good luck and I look forward to hearing more about it.

bookyeti said...

A very well put post. I agree 100%!!! Health first- the rest comes with it! You look great!

Rae said...

Great post and so true. Health and wellbeing should come first. That is a hard one for me as well, but I am working on it and so can you :). BTW, you look good!

Megan said...

Great post, definitely makes you think! I miss reading your blogs, but understand how priorities work - darn school! - hope your last final went well!

Sarah said...

I totally get this. I'm doing WW and of course I want to lose weight - and need to - but aside from that, I definitely know that I want to eat better.