Monday, September 24, 2012

Theme Days! First "Meaningful Monday"

I've decided to add some daily themes to my blog, to help motivate myself to blog more regularly.  Here's what I've come up with so far:

Meaningful Mondays- This will be when I post something meaningful to me, such as a personal post about my mom, or a post about a big statement that I feel needs to be addressed, such as when I wrote about how much I hate the phrase "real women" or when I blogged about how we are more than just our looks.

Mom with Diva and Jacques (my chihuahuas)

Tasty Tuesdays- I have done this in the past.  Basically, Tasty Tuesdays are when I take pictures of everything that I eat that day and share it on the blog. 

an awesome meal that I made recently with barley, black beans, and assorted veggies and spices!

Weight Watchers Wednesday- On WW Wednesday, I will post how I'm doing with Weight Watchers (or whatever program I'm following at the time), including any new ideas or tips that I have encountered over the past week.  I will also give weekly weigh in updates and monthly measurement updates on here, as well as any progress photos of myself.

Grab-Bag Thursday- This will be my unstructured day, when I may post about something random, or whatever I feel like posting.  It may be weight-related, or it may be about school, family, or even what's happening on The Young and the Restless.   I will also use this day to answer any questions that you guys ask me via email, my Facebook page, Twitter, or in the comment section of this blog. You just never know...

Video Friday- A weekly video diary blog post!  I loved posting that video last week, and I look forward to many future video blog entries.


And now for the first Meaningful Monday post!

I guess the most important thing that is going on with me this week is that I have a physics exam tomorrow... and that I weighed myself Friday night to discover that I emotionally ate my way back up to quite a scary weight.

Here's a fun tip:  If it's been awhile since you've stepped on the scale and you KNOW that you've gained a lot of weight, eat a greasy salty meal and weigh-in late at night.  Mark that weight as your "starting over" weight.  Then, the next morning (after digestion and plenty of sleep), weigh in again.  Like magic, you will have lost a few pounds overnight, giving you an instant jump start to your new weight loss journey!

Okay, so that advice is probably pretty silly, but it worked for me. 

I will discuss my actual weight (SCARY HIGH) and share a brand new "before" picture with you plus new measurements on Weight Watchers Wednesday.

I guess that you've probably figured it out:  For now, I'm back on Weight Watchers.  Intuitive Eating is still what I would love to do, but I'm eating my emotions all over the place and couldn't figure out how to stop without some sort of tracking.  Since WW is what I know best, I figured that I would go back to that for a bit.  I'm not committing to "forever" or anything, but I'm going to try to stick with it for at least 6 weeks.

Why 6 weeks, you ask?

Well, because I've also begun to re-read The Beck Diet Solution, which is a 6 week program that features daily tasks to help the reader stick to any diet plan and to learn to "think like a thin person".  I've tried and given up on Beck's in the past, but I think that perhaps I could stick with this for six weeks?  Or maybe not.  But I'm going to try.

The first task is to write all of the reasons that I want to lose weight on an index card.  I don't have any of those, so I'm writing them on a sticky note!

1) to reduce my risk of diabetes type 2
2) to reduce my risk of heart problems
3) to be able to move easier and faster!
4) to fit into cute clothes, including a bunch that I already have
5) to feel more confident

I can't think of any others, but I like my reasons.  They are so much healthier than the reasons that I probably gave last time, which I'm sure included the words "thin" and "skinny" and the phrase "so that I like myself more".  At least  now I have realized that my weight does NOT define me, nor will being smaller make me happier. 

Anyway, that's all for now!  I hope that you guys like the themes, and I really hope that they inspire me to post more regularly.

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