Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Buying clothes when the ultimate goal isn't "not looking fat"


So I think that I have mostly gotten to the point of buying clothes that make me feel good, rather than "just because they fit" or "because it makes me look less fat".  Instead, I now buy clothes that make me feel good in them.

They don't make me feel good in them because they hide my "imperfections"; rather, they make me feel good for any other number of reasons.

It may be-
  • the feel of the fabric against my skin
  • the color
  • the fit
  • the style
  • the pattern
  • it just makes me feel good, don't know why
These are all great reasons to wear something.  Much better than my old reasons.  I now buy things that I plan to wear for a long time.  I'm not focused on "transition" weight loss clothes anymore.

I even use this logic with swimsuits, though for some reason that is harder.  I still want to cover up my fat when wearing a swimsuit!  Yikes.  But, I am pretty okay with how I look in one, and I find empowerment in sharing body confidence fashion selfies on my Instagram account (find me @BuffyFan84 - yep I'm a dork!).

It's okay to buy clothes that aren't "goal clothes" or "transition clothes".  In fact, it's so much better.  Fuck goal clothes.  Fuck transition clothes.  Fuck 'em all.  We deserve to buy clothes that celebrate our current sizes and shapes, and that make us feel good.  We deserve to shop at nice stores, and to shop based on our unique tastes and senses of fashion, rather than shopping out of necessity and based on what makes us feel the most invisible.

Just some thoughts for July.  I know that July is a hard month, body-acceptance-wise.  It's freaking HOT out there, which makes it extremely uncomfortable to wear a lot of fabric, and a lot of fabric can make us feel safe and small. 

Less fabric can make us feel unsafe and huge.  I get that.  It can really suck.

But if we all just collectively agree to start shopping not based on how thin we could look, but instead on how great we can feel, and we all started to pay attention to our own bodies and selves instead of comparing our bodies and selves to EVERYONE ELSE, things would be better.

Let's try.

Even if you start small, by spending more than usual on a nice dress or suit.  Or buying something with horizontal stripes on it, because you love horizontal stripes, dammit.  Or bright colors, because they make you happy.  Just go out and buy something that you love, something that FITS now, and then just wear it because you like it. 

It's a start.  That's where I'm at. 



SewTypical said...

It's all about fit & flatter, isn't it? No matter how skinny a person is, they don't look good in an ill-fitting outfit. Confidence and a smile go a long way, too.
:-) Chris

Leah: NOS said...

I agree about fit, but what does "flatter" mean? To me, it's always meant "hid my rolls" or "made my hips look slimmer" or something.

Shannon Tatlock said...

Thanks for sharing your instagram! Followed! :)