Monday, June 7, 2010

Easy-Peasy-One Two Threesie!

How is it that being vegan, something that I always thought of as being so difficult, is so easy?

Years ago, when I was a vegetarian, I would say, "No way could I ever be vegan. I could never give up my cheese!"

Months ago, when I started the vegetarian transition again, I said the same thing. "How can I give up pizza? I'll give up the pepperoni, but NEVER the cheese! It's too delicious!!!"

So how is it that I've been vegan now for over a month, with very few difficulties? Why was there such fear of failure going into this?

I'm not sure. There is definately a stigma about veganism. People think that it's too difficult. That it's nearly impossible. That all vegans eat is vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between veganism and raw veganism. I am pretty sure that I never will be a raw vegan. I'm pretty sure that I would never want to be. It's not for everyone, and I think I'm one of the people that it's not for.

However, it is very easy for me to be vegan. I don't feel deprived at all. I'm eating all sorts of delicious foods every day. For example, this is today's menu (typical work day menu):

breakfast: PB&J on a whole wheat sandwich thin, banana
lunch: bean and rice burrito, carrots
dinner: avacado, EVOO, salsa, Daiya "cheese", wasa crispbread; brown rice
snacks: Tofutti cutie (vegan ice cream sandwich), broccoli and cauliflower

I would love to be not eating any processed foods, and I am still working on that. But for now I think that I've found a sustainable and happy medium that I can stick with and enjoy. It works for me!
Veganism rocks.

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Sundara said...

I could have wrote this post myself. I also thought that going vegan would be so hard, my addiction wasn't cheese, it was ice cream & whipped cream. I loved me some butterfat. But not anymore, and I don't even miss it. I do make lots of sweet stuff (we are totally addicted to those rice crispy treats) but I don't feel like its that bad, my body and mind do not react the same as if I'd had ice cream or something toxic like that. I really really think you'd like the Thrive book, by Brendan Brazier. Such good advice about working out and eating- vegan style! Keep up the good work, we are all pulling for you.