Monday, June 28, 2010

Halfway Point! ...and a confession...

The year 2010 is half over. So is my personal challenge to lose 50 pounds in 2010. How am I doing?

Drumroll, please...

I am down 25.2 pounds this year. In other words, I am right on schedule!

I remember a time when I thought that I needed to lose 8 to 10 pounds a month otherwise it wasn't "worth it". Now when I lose a pound a week, I am thrilled! And so far this year, I have been doing that.

Some weeks I lose more (this week I am down 1.6) and some weeks I lose less (last week I was down .6) but I almost always am down SOMETHING and for that I am so proud of myself.

I do credit The Kind Diet to helping me reach my goals. But only partly. Because here is my confession, dear followers:

I have started to follow Weight Watchers again. I am still keeping the principles of the Vegan section of TKD, but am also counting WW Points every day.

As much as I was enjoying the freedom of not counting anything while strictly following TKD, I found that I was being too loosey-goosey about the whole thing, especially my hunger signals. And I fully intend to stop counting again at some point. But that point is far into the future, because I think that right now I need the accountability that comes with counting.

I think that WW and TKD work very nicely together!


Joel B. said...

I am so proud of you! Such an inspiration. Seriously. :-)

melissa said...

congrats!!!!!! i've had the most success losing weight with south beach (stage 1: no carbs), but i feel better when on TKD. is it hard to be a vegan WW?

Rae said...

That is awesome and I am proud of you for all of your successes. WW works great with most reasonable plans like TKD.

NewGilmoreGirl said...

I'd say that if you want to be vegan and follow a specific "diet", WW is the best one. No cutting out any food groups, and lots of vegetables reccomended!