Monday, June 14, 2010

Goodbye, obesity!!!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. I am officially no longer contributing to the great American Obesity Epidemic! I have a BMI of under 30, meaning that I am officially overweight.

It feels great to say "goodbye" to obesity. May I never find it again. I hated being obese. I'm thrilled to be overweight again. Well, maybe thrilled isn't the right word, since I'm hoping to leave overweight, too.

But I have been waiting to see the number "185" on the scale for quite some time. So today is a day for celebration.

But also to set a new goal: 170. That is the next weight that I will celebrate with this much enthusiasm, because that will mean that I've lost 5o pounds since starting this "lifestyle change"/diet/weight loss journey.

For now, I am 36 pounds lighter than I was a year ago, and for that I am so proud!


Mrs. Beer said...

That is so exciting. Congratulations!

melissa said...

yipee! very exciting and it gives me hope!

Melody said...

well done :-) super exciting! how fantabulous!