Friday, September 24, 2010

September 22 Food and Exercise Journal
time- food (points)

8:00am- banana (1.5)

9:00am- granola bar (4)

12:30pm- 1 sandwich thin (1), 2 tbs peanut butter (2.5), apple (1)

1:30pm- 1 sandwich thin (1), 1 tsp EVOO (1)

4:15pm- carrots (0)

6:00pm- 1 cup brown rice (4), 1/2 cup black beans (1), 1 tsp EVOO (1), bell pepper (0), onion (0), romaine lettuce (0), tomato (0), garlic (0)

7:00pm- 30 minute bike ride (+2)

8:30pm- luna bar (3)

9:30pm- 1 hour Nordic Track (+6)

11:00pm- 2 cups soy milk (2), cookies (2), VITAMIN!!

Points Summary:
Daily Points- 24/24
Activity Points- 1/8
Weekly Points- 0/-11 (getting out of "the hole")

Lessons Learned:
I have been getting hungrier in the early morning lately. The banana and granola bar breakfast has been working for so long that to change it now is going to be tough! But I would love to find a more filling breakfast that could be eaten at my desk at work. I'm not "allowed" to eat at my desk, so things like oatmeal and burritos are out. Also, I'm so happy to be digging myself out of this WPA hole with APs! :-)

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Katy said...

Leah-You might consider a different granola/energy bar. I am not sure what type you are eating, but I was able to find the Gnu bars that BitchCakes mentions on her blog. I found them at Whole Foods. They are 2 pts a piece and they have 12 grams of fiber. That would free up 2 more of your morning pts for fruit, bagels, etc. Can you drink at your desk? You might consider making a smoothie and then drinking it when you get to work. I am not sure what your morning routine is like though.