Monday, September 20, 2010

Thoughts on PMS cravings...

I completely gave into my PMS cravings over the weekend. I didn't track for most of that time, either. Given the ammount of oreos and chips that I consumed, I am going to just consider that my WPA are gone. In order to not feel deprived for the rest of the week, I am going to allow myself to eat up to 4 earned AP each day.

I also want to come back here and plan and track like I did a couple of weeks ago. Hope that's okay with all of you! It got me back on track last time, and I hope it will have the same affect this time around.

I did still manage to have both a scale victory (SV) and non-scale victory (NSV) this weekend. I was down 1.2 pounds, bringing me to 171.4, and oh-so-close to my next mini-goal of 170 (50 pounds gone!!) and just about as close to my birthday (October 7) goal of 169.9. I want to weigh less than 170 so badly! I am so close to being out of this "decade" that I can taste it.

The NSV? I wore shorts. In public. And these shorts were purchased from the JUNIOR department!! They are size XL, not a specific size, but still. Amazing. I have a junior ass again. How exciting. :-)

Here I go with today's plan:

banana (1.5)
granola bar (4)

2 sandwich thins (3.5)
2.5 teaspoons peanut butter (2)
1 cup soy milk (1)
1 small apple (1)

1/2 cup brown rice (2)
1/2 cup black beans (1)
1 tsp EVOO (1)
lots of cooked zero-point vegetables (0)

chips (2)
salsa (0)
1 tsp EVOO (1)
3 oreos (4)
1 cup soy milk (1)

30 minutes at Curves
30 minute bike ride
30 minutes on Nordic Track

Points Summary:
25/25 DP, 7 AP earned

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