Friday, September 3, 2010

Sharing my Journal, Day 5

September 2 Food & Execise Journal
time- food (points)
8:00am- granola bar (4)

9:30am- applesauce (1)

12:30pm- 2 sandwich thins (3), 1 tbs peanut butter (2.5), apple (1), 1 cup soy milk (1)

5:30pm- vegetarian baked beans (setpoints-5), crackers (9)

7:00pm- broccoli (0), cauliflower (0), baby carrots (0), 1 tsp EVOO (1), *VITAMIN*

8:00pm- 60 minutes Nordic Track (+6)

10:00- 1 cup soy milk (1)

Points Summary:Daily used: 25/25
AP used: 3.5/6
WPA used: 0/28.5

GHG Summary:Fruits/Vegetables- CHECK!
Healthy Oils- Needs Improvement... I got in 1 out of 2 teaspoons
Dairy- CHECK!
Liquids- CHECK!
Lean Protein- CHECK!
Vitamins- CHECK!
Whole Grains- CHECK!
Activity- CHECK!
Sugar/Alcohol- CHECK!

Lessons Learned:
Crackers can get me into just as much trouble as chips. Also, I learned that I'm now used to getting in a healthy oil at lunch, because when I went to bed last night, I was positive that I had gotten both teaspoons in. Only now as I review this I realized that I didn't! I also had a sort of epiphany about the GHGs, but I will save that for a blog entry (Find me at NewGirl24 in the blog section, a lot of entries are cross-posted both here and there, but some more WW focused I just post there.)

Today's Plan:
Unfortunately, I didn't write a plan for today! I hope that this doesn't derail me. I'm running low on most of my favorite healthy foods, which I've learned will happen quickly if I actually eat OP each day. Crazy, huh? Here's the points plan, though (and I am going to try to stick to the DP today, day before WI)

morning- 5
midday- 7
evening- 13
exercise- +6


Katy said...

Hi Leah! It was posted in my WW Weekly Reader thing a few weeks ago that 2 teaspoons of Peanut Butter is only 1 pt!!! I noticed you had 1 TBSP written down on one of your snacks. I thought I might mention that in case that could help you shave off some pts for something else you might want to eat. :) I have been doing that recently (along with the PB2).

NewGirl24 said...

Wow! Thanks for the tip. I've been thinking that two teaspoons = 1 tablespoon. Oops.