Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sharing my Journal, Day 4

September 1 Food and Exercise Journal
time- food (points)

8:00am- banana (1.5)

10:00am- granola bar (4)

12:30pm- 1/2 cup beans (1), 1/2 cup salsa (0), 1 tsp evoo (1), 4 wasa (2), apple (1)

5:30pm- Ruffles Light potato chips (7), salsa (0)

7:00pm- broccoli (0), cauliflower (0), 1 tsp evoo (1)

9:30pm- Nordic Track (+2)

10:00pm- Tofu meal leftovers (8)

10:30pm- applesauce (1)

Points Summary:
Daily used: 25/25
AP used: 2/25 (25 AP earned from Saturday to now)
WPA used: .5/29

GHG Summary:
Fruits/Vegetables- CHECK!
Healthy Oils- CHECK!
Dairy- NOPE!
Liquids- CHECK!
Lean Protein- CHECK!
Vitamins- CHECK!
Whole Grains- CHECK!
Activity- CHECK!
Sugar/Alcohol- CHECK!

Lessons Learned:
I did not stick to my plan last night AT ALL. I ate chips when I hadn't planned to, and was thrown off by that. My stomach hurt and I was hungry, so I did 20 minutes of my planned 60 minutes workout on the Nordic Track. When I went to sleep last night, I felt like I had done terribly with WW yesterday. But looking at this makes me feel much better. I used both earned AP and half a WPA point. The only GHG that I didn't meet was dairy. I did briefly consider gulping down two cups of soy milk before bed, but I really wasn't hungry after that late night meal, so I skipped it.

September 2 Food and Exercise Plan:
morning- applesauce (1), granola bar (4)
midday- 2 sandwich thins (3), 1 tbs peanut butter (2.5), apple (1), 1 cup soy milk (1), carrots (0)
evening- 1/2 cup beans (1), 2 cups steamed vegetables (0), 2 tsp EVOO (2.5), 1 cup brown rice (4), cereal (4), 1 cup soy milk (1)
Exercise- Curves (+2), Nordic Track (+6)

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