Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sharing my Journal, Day 3

November 9 Food and Exercise Journal
time- food/exercise (points)

8:30am- granola bar (4), banana (1.5)

1:30pm- 6 crisp n' light wasa crackers (2), 1/2 cup ff refried beans (1), 1/2 cup salsa (0), 1 tsp EVOO (1), almonds (4), Hi-C (2)

5:15pm- Curves circuit training (+2 AP)

6:30pm- 1 cup brown rice (4), 1/2 cup black and kidney beans (1), veggies (0)

8:30pm- 2 graham crackers (3), 1 tbs peanut butter (2.5), almonds (2)

Points Summary
23/23 DP used
5/20 WAP used
2 AP earned
0/23 AP used

GHG Summary
fruits/vegetables: CHECK!
healthy oils: half check
liquids: CHECK!
lean protein: CHECK!
vitamins: CHECK!
whole grains: CHECK!
activity: CHECK!
sugar/alcohol: CHECK!

Lessons learned:
I probably should have added a teaspoon of EVOO to my dinner. That was my original plan, and I forgot to do it. So, I'm human and forget things sometimes, oops! :-)

Also, I had planned for an hour of Nordic Tracking, and instead listened to my body and went to bed early. This was probably for the best, since it's definately cold and flu season here, so I need my body to be operating on as much sleep as possible. But it also means that I am now behind on my exercise minutes goal of 1650 for November. So tonight's exercise is NOT optional.

Today's Plan:

breakfast- granola bar (4), banana (1.5)
lunch- wasa (2), EVOO (1), salsa (0), beans (1); steamed veggies (0)
dinner- rice (3), beans (1), veggies (0), EVOO (1)
snacks- grapes (1), almonds (5), graham crackers (3), peanut butter (2.5), Hi-C (2)
exercise- dog walk (+1), nordic track (+5)


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Wow Leah! You've made amazing progress!

And now almost 3 weeks without chips-impressive

Amanda said...

I might have to start copying your daily meals. Maybe then I'd have some scale movement! Although I don't know if I could eat beans as much as you do. Hmmm...
Well now that I have a laptop again I can get back into planning my meals ahead of time. Tonight I'm going to try the bubble up enchilada and I'm nervous that its not going to turn out. *Fingers crossed*

Florrie said...

I'm stealing your blog-journal template again!You get mentionage :) our plan has changed and now fruit is free and we get weekly points! It's all very exciting...

Leah said...

Debbie- thanks for noticing! :-) I hate that I have to give up chips, but I've decided for the time being to choose "nothing" instead of "all".

Amanda- Feel free to copy some meals! I love eating a lot of beans, they don't upset my stomache like they seem to for some people. And I think that they are sooo delicious. Hope that your enchillada turned out great!

Florrie- I love that you use my template! Makes me happy. :-) You and your blog inspire me.