Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PointsPlus- the new Weight Watchers program

Blah. That's how I feel about the "new" plan so far. Blah.

Here's what's new and different about
PointsPlus (vs. Momentum, the "old" WW plan):

1) It sucks.

Just kidding. Here's the real list:

1) I get more daily points now! Yay! I used to get 23 daily points, and now I get 29. That's 6 extra points every day, right?!

2) Almost everything that I consume regularly has a higher points value now... so, really, no extra daily points.

3) There are now 49 WPA, which is a lot more than 35 WPA... and I think that this one actually makes me happy, that definately adds up to more food. :-)

4) Activity points are now easier to get. I now earn 8 points for my Nordic Track workouts, where before I was earning 5 or 6. This is because 1 AP now = 80 calories, instead of 100 calories. So, again... more food!!!

5) Momentum points were calculated using calories, fat, and fiber. This meant that I could eat a lot of high fiber foods for few points. Things like beans, brown rice, and granola bars. PointsPlus points are calculated using protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. This means that my favorite fiber foods are now increased in points. :-(

6) However... FRUIT IS FREE. Meaning, ALL fruit has a value of zero points.

How has this new plan changed my menu?

It really hasn't so far. But this is a funky week, since I started my Weight Watchers week on Saturday (down 1 pound at my weigh-in, WOO-HOO), and the new plan started on Monday. I did not have a perfect OP weekend by any means.

I was sick. I didn't track. I did the "eat whatever I want within reason and just assume that all of my WPA are gone" thing. It's not the best decision, but it's one that I make on occasion.

So starting on Saturday, I'll track my food on here publicly for another week, just to see if there really is a difference in the two plans.

My work week breakfast is usually a granola bar and a banana. The granola bar has gone from 4 to 5 points, and the banana is now zero points, so what was once a 5.5 point breakfast is now a 5.0 point breakfast. So it's about the same...

Basically, my feelings are mixed about the new plan. I love carbohydrates. I usually focus on complex carbs, but not always. One of the things that I loved about Weight Watchers was the freedom to eat as many carbs as I wanted, as long as I stayed within my points and followed the Good Health Guidelines. (Speaking of which, yes they are still there, but the whole grain requirement seems to be gone... what the what?!)

Is the new plan easier for meat and dairy eaters?

I think it is. Apparently the points values for meat and dairy all stayed the same. So if you eat a lot of meat and dairy products, instead of a lot of carb products, you will get to eat more, since you get more daily points. Not fair.

I will be following the new plan for as long as it makes sense. I've always said that eventually I'd like to go back to "Intuitive Eating", but that will probably be after I've maintained my goal weight for awhile. Time will tell...

P.S. A major NSV for me happened on Black Friday: I tried on clothes. I tried them on and loved the way I looked in them! There was not a tear in that dressing room... Well, maybe a happy tear or two. :-)


From Foodie to Cutie . . said...

The New Plan is def. different and is taking getting used to, but your right I love how the AP's are easier to earn and the 49 weeklies seems like a whole lot of points!! Hopefully we will all get into the swing of things and the scale will be kind and reflect that transition well. I have heard from many that the new plan works it just seems to me now that we can eat a lot more with the fruits and veggies mostly being 0 points. Only time will tell I guess.

Katie said...

Leah, I love carbs too and this new plan is definitely making them more costly. But like you said, we get more WPs now and more APs so I'm sure you and I will both get to eat our share of carbs =)

Congrats for losing a pound after Thanksgiving. That's AMAZING!!

Katy said...

Way to go, Leah! I start the new plan tomorrow. I have been reading up on it this weekend and getting prepared. I think it will be okay. If you find any food "bargains" then let me know! I will do the same if you would like for me to let you know of things I find. :)