Monday, November 1, 2010


... I lost two whole pounds last week.

Not complaining.

I don't know if it's because of "no chips" or what, but I'm pretty excited about it. And I still ate all of my favorite foods (outside of chips). And I still ate all of my 35 WPA plus a few AP. And lost 2 pounds.

Okay, I am going to do the exact same thing this week, and hope for simular results!! But I'm not going to expect to keep losing two pounds every week, that would be crazy... or would it?

Time will tell. :-)


melissa said...

YIPEE! That, my dear, is AWESOME.

Amanda said...

YAY!! Good job. I don't know if I could live w/out chips. You are so strong! Seriously though, I love them.

Anyways - good job on the 2 lb loss. I hope you can have a repeat this week.