Thursday, July 14, 2011

My 1300 Calorie Day!

Okay, you guys...  I did it.  Or rather, I'm about to finish up anyway!  I have one more snack planned for the evening, and after that, I will have finished my first 1310 calorie day.

Why 1310?  Because My Fitness Pal has that as my set "net calories" intake.  And today is a day of rest, so I did not earn any exercise calories to add to that total.  So...  I thought that I would try this out again.  I tried to do this the last two weeks on my DOR, but ended up going over both times.

This week, I figured "It's just one day.  Why not try to see  if I can really do it?"  And so...  I am. 

For some of you, this may seem like a good amount of calories.  But for me, it's NOT.  On a day that I eat pretty much what I want to eat and feel GREAT, I eat about 2000 calories.  Since I'm trying to lose a pound a week, I've cut that down to 1500-1800 typically, and though I'm not eating everything that I'd naturally love to eat, I'm not uncomfortable. 

But... 1310?  Why don't you just shoot me and get it over with.  That's not food, that's air.

I'm only joking!  It hasn't actually been that bad.   I thought that since some of you may be like me and have no clue how one would survive off of such a trivial amount of food, I would share my day of eats with you! 

I started off taking pictures, but then after lunch, I forgot about that plan.  So I will show you the first few things that I ate, followed by mere descriptions.

Okay, here goes. 

8:15am- Luna Bar (180)
8:30am- Unpeel banana.  See one big bruise...  Throw banana away. (0)
9:30am- almonds (75)
10:30am- Craisins (100)

1:00pm- salad with spinach, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, vinegar, EVOO (103)

      Boca burger on sandwich thin (condiments not counted)- 200

2:00pm- another sandwich thin + some grapes (134)

5:30pm- beans and rice with veggies and EVOO (312)

in a few minutes- sandwich thin with some peanut butter (176)


So... I did it.  BUT, I don't know if I ever want to do it again.  Today was not a fun food day.  Also- I don't know if you noticed or not, but I ate 3 sandwich thins in one day.  Plus some other processed stuff disguising as health food, like that Luna Bar.

I'm not sure if I will do this again next week, but it is nice to know that I CAN. 

Back to my regularly scheduled high-calorie meals tomorrow!

If you want to see my food diary, join My Fitness Pal and friend me, I share my food diary with my friends.  I'm VeganGal84 over there!  :-) 

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you are all having wonderful days!
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Jill said...

Your food day did look kind of diety. Those are the kinds of eating plans that are not long term! Who could eat like that all the time and stay sane? Not me! :) I am off to find you some followers! Have a great day!

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Didn't it seem too diet-y? That's why I'm pretty sure that I won't be doing this again, I will have to figure out something else for DORs. Not enough food.

Thin Lizzy said...

1300 calories can end up being not a lot of food. If you had eaten that banana you probably wouldn't have been able to have that last sandwich thin.

Definitely not a long term thing. You would go crazy! I limit myself to around 1500 (when I'm on plan).

Mariebop said...

My net calories are 1200... Try doing that on a DOR. :P It's so hard and I usually go over on those days. Yesterday I ate 1306 and felt great. It was actually a really good food day for me. Go take a gander if you like.

The oatmeal and almond milk at breakfast were mixed and refrigerated overnight and I mix that banana into it in the morning. Yum!

Mariebop said...

I lied... My caloric intake was 1303. I was looking at the wrong number.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I see what you mean--you can survive on it, but it's no fun, and definitely a "diet" food day. I couldn't last on 1300!

Brag All About It said...

Congrats!!! the vegan cookbook I won :)

if you're ever looking to enter some giveaways stop by!

Megan said...

Great job Leah!