Monday, October 17, 2011

Weight Gain confession.

If you look at my weight loss ticker up there, it looks as if I have all of a sudden gained nearly 17 pounds overnight.

...but it wasn't overnight.

I have been fooling myself for a while now regarding my weight. I would skip weighing in for a couple of weeks, and then put the scale on the carpet, or lean a bit on the wall, or stand on my tippy-toes, pretty much ANYTHING to get the scale to tell me than I hadn't gained weight.

Yep, I know it makes no sense to do that stuff. I know that if my clothes are tight, it means that I've probably gained a few pounds. I know that I can lie to myself about my weight gain, but my pants are still tight and the scale doesn't lie.

So... embarassed as I am to admit this, I have gone from a WWer who has lost 70+ pounds to a WWer who has lost 53 pounds, all since June 11.

And the lying to myself (and to you guys) stops now.

I stepped on the scale on Saturday morning, both feet firmly planted, scale on the tile floor, not leaning or holding onto anything, and the scale told me this-


I stepped off and back on three more times, and the scale said the same thing each time. Still in disbelief, I put my two 8 pound dumbells on the scale, but the scale said "16" so that's when I knew that my drastic gain was legit.

I weigh 166.6 pounds, which makes me 12.6 pounds overweight (again).

I'm pretty disappointed in myself and very embarassed about my gain.

I have a new lofty goal of getting to a normal BMI by Christmas. That's losing 12.6 pounds in about 9 weeks. That's 1.4 pound lost per week.  I'm going to add a holiday weight loss ticker to the top of the blog, to help motivate me further.

I'm fairly certain that I can do this. Actually, I know that I can do this!

I apologize for the lies both to myself and to you all that I was still near my goal weight, when I had not been weighing properly or often. Now you and I all know the truth- I have gained some weight back.

The picture here is my body at 166.6. I will be posting updated stats, weight, and photos in this blog every week. Here are the starting stats for my 9-Week-Challenge-

Start weight (pounds): 166.6

Start measurements (inches):

neck- 13
upper arm (widest part)- 14
bust (widest part)-38
bust (below breasts)-34
waist (smallest part)- 31.75
waist (belly button)-38
hips (widest part)-45.5
thighs (widest part)-25.75
thighs (halfway between knee and crotch)-21.5
calf (widest part)- 14.5

I want to give a huge THANK YOU and a gigantic virtual HUG to all of my Facebook friends who helped to encourage me to post this entry.  I was embarassed to admit to a gain on here, but you all reminded me about why I blog:  to broadcast my weight loss journey HONESTLY to anyone who wants to know about it. 

I hope to inspire and motivate you all, and I hope to continue to do that by admitting to this gain and doing something about it.

I'm committed to stop the gaining, and to lose 12.6 pounds by the holidays. 

Thanks for listening, as always.  :-)


Cyn said...

(((((hugs)))) i know how hard it must have been to write this post so a big kudos to you. but i do not read your blog because you lost *x* amount of pounds. i read your blog because you are inspirational & passionate about your health & your journey!

i wish you nothing but good things & that you reach all of your goals -- which i know you will!

rock on!

Jill said...

I can't imagine how hard it was for you to post this. I am so glad you did though. This journey is hard for all of us. We all need each other for different reasons and at different times. I love your honesty. It is inspiring! YOU are inspiring! You can do this. We all can support one another!!!

Mariebop said...

This happens to all of us. ::HUG::

I agree with Cyn and Jill. I would like to add that your perseverance and ability to adapt based on what you need is also inspiring.

Just keep on plugging away. You'll get there!

Katy said...

Hey Leah! I feel like we are in a very similar place right now. Since moving to Asheville this summer, I have put on weight too. I started the Eat to Live 6 week program last week and I am ready to turn this ship around. Everyone knows I am doing Eat to Live and that really helps with me making excuses to go out to eat or eat junky vegan food. Good luck with your 9 week plan and I will witness you 100%! :)

Amanda said...

You shouldn't be embarrassed. This is something we all struggle with so believe me you are not alone. I have been going up and down for months now. I don't eat like I should but I still keep up my exercise which is holding me steady I think. I know I need to do better but it is hard. Really hard. Give yourself some credit for knowning what you need to do and stepping up. Its not easy to face the facts.

I know you can drop those pounds off by Christmas because you are a WL Champ!

Megan said...

This had to be hard to write, but you did it! And I'm sure you feel better now knowing that you're being honest. You can totally do this Leah! But don't put too much pressure on yourself, I know for me personally, I could never loose 1.4 each week.

Alison said...

Been there. :( Gained back about 40 lbs. You can do it! And no hard feelings about it. Now you REALLY know how important it all is to you. Hope your no-junk food is going well. :)

Jennifer said...

I think you're awesome and WLJs come with downs and some ups. You'll get through this. :)