Thursday, October 6, 2011


It seems like just yesterday, I wrote about turning 26.  Time really does fly, and it truly does fly faster and faster each year. 

Tomorrow, I become an official member of the "late twenties club".  Which is a really silly thing to be sad about, so I won't be sad.  I'm happy!  I once read a birthday card that said on the front-

Happy birthday!
Today, you are older
than you have ever been before.

Then inside-

And you are younger
than you will ever be again.

I wish that I had bought that card, because those words really spoke to me. 

It's so true, isn't it?  And this is true every single day. 

Every day, we are youger than we will ever be again, so we should be embracing each day, and being thrilled with how young, healthy, and happy we are instead of thinking back about how young, healthy, and happy we used to be.  Old memories can be a wonderful thing, but making new memories is just as wonderful.

Anyways.  I'm sorry to have been AWOL on this blog, but life has been very busy!  I need to start blogging at least every 3 or 4 days again though, because it's my favorite hobby and it keeps me sane.  :-)  So, that is a resolution of mine. 

My plan for my birthday weekend?  Tomorrow, my actual birthday, will be full of leisurely walking (Stacey's taking me site-seeing.  We are having a little stay-cation and will be going to Stax Museum and Graceland!) but will basically be a day of rest. 

After a day of site-seeing (YAY!), we're meeting family and friends over at Imagine Vegan Cafe for dinner and then we're off to Windjammers for karaoke!  Yes, it will be an amazing birthday. 

Lots of good food, lots of entertainment, lots of great company.  I'm very excited.  There will be no tracking of any kind tomorrow, and I will just have fun and relax about life without worrying about Weight Watchers.  I think that we all need that break every now and then, and I feel no guilt in taking a day off.

I will be starting a 21 day challenge right after my birthday, and will be back on Sunday or Monday to let you guys know what it's all about, and to see if any of you want to join in!

I'm going to make a list of New Year resolutions, since technically my new year starts tomorrow.  :-)  This is the list of resolutions that are about my weight loss journey.  I have more things that I want to do, obviously (good grades, read more, spend more quality time with Stacey, etc.) but I thought that I would stick to my WLJ goals for this entry.

1) Blog regularly.  Even if it's only once a week, get back to being a regular blogger.  It's my favorite hobby, and I love it.  Life should never get too busy for my favorite thing.

2) Follow Weight Watchers as written.  Stop quitting and rejoining.  Stop bending the rules.  Just follow the plan!  It's not hard, and it works.

3) As soon as I get the go-ahead from my physical therapist, start focusing on new workouts that include a lot of strength training and flexibility.  I know that I'm the queen of cardio, but I really need to add some strength and flex into my workouts.

4) ... Get to my goal size.  Get back into those 12's that fit for about a week, and then get see if I can get to a 10 before I'm 28.  I have an entire year, so it's very do-able.  Stop worrying about the scale, but keep on striving to get more toned.

5) Be proud of myself.  I've come a long way in my weight loss journey, and can easily forget that.  The longer it's been since I've been obese, the more that seems like it was someone else, not me.  My smaller body feels more like the norm every day, which is GREAT, but I should never forget what I've accomplished and should never stop being proud of the progress I've made towards better health.

Those are my new years resolutions! 

I will be back on either Sunday or Monday, and I hope that you all have great weekends.


Lori Lynn said...

Happy Birthday!!

Don't fret about the numbers. The 30s are awesome and the 40s aren't bad either. If you stay healthy you can feel just as great at 46 as you do at 26. Yeah, sure, your skin doesn't quite look the same, but everything else can just as good or even better. So enjoy every moment life gives you.

Rae said...

Great resolutions and have a happy birthday tomorrow. I agree about focusing on fitness and sticking to one plan. Also, don't ever forget how far you have come. I have a hard time remembering where I have come from sometimes, but I keep reminding myself (haven't been at my highest in over 6 years) so that I don't ever go back there. You can do it!

Mariebop said...

I've missed your regular posting. Can't wait for you to start posting more again!

Great resolutions! I'm in the same place as you are. Time to start focusing on fitness and stop focusing on the scale.

Happy Birthday! I hope your day tomorrow is amazing!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! :D

Cyn said...

happiest birthday !!!

i love the b-day resolutions -- what a novel idea!
and i think your goals are totally attainable and realistic!

you rock!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your birthday weekend.

melissa said...

Happy birthday my dear! I would LOVE to partake in your 21 day challenge. I need a jumpstart :)

Megan said...

Happy, happy birthday Leah! I hope it's a fabulous one! I, too, missed your regular posting and will be happy when it's back, but you take your time and get life figured out first!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! I hope you are having a fabulous day!!!