Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting out of my weight gain comfort zone...

As much as I want to regain control over my eating and my weight, I am having the hardest time sticking to Weight Watchers.

I remember WW being easy. I remember being able to lose a pound a week by just tracking my food and never going "in the red". I remember loving to eat healthy meals like a big bowl of brown rice with beans, EVOO, and tons of veggies. And mostly, I remember all of these things coming to me naturally, and never feeling deprived.

Yeah... this was EASY-PEASey...not.

Ummm.....yeah.... I'm pretty sure that my memories of being on WW in the past are a bit romanticized and not actually what I experienced.

I'm pretty sure that when I first started WW, I felt hungry a lot of the time, and that I missed being "allowed" to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with the wild abandon that I give into during stages of weight gain...

I'm also sure that once I forced myself to break out of my comfort zone, I was able to embrace WW and it began to feel routine. Like, how I was supposed to eat. Getting used to the WW way of eating didn't happen overnight for me last time, so I don't know why I'm expecting it to happen overnight this time.

I need to give myself a break.

Sure, I keep on diving into bad habits (not tracking, giving up on the day, eating a bowlful of peanut butter with several pieces of bread, etc.).

But it's because I have gotten used to overeating on things like bread and peanut butter... chips... chocolate... etc... and that is what I like to eat right now. It's comforting to me. It's comfortable for me. It feels like it's how I'm supposed to eat, because that's how and what I've been eating since Mom went into the hospital on May 22.

That mindset about comfort eating did not just go away because I joined Weight Watchers Online.

I need to stop giving into that kind of eating, need to force myself to really give Weight Watchers a try again, because I know that it works.

And I know that it's not a miserable way to eat. Memory tells me that it was actually kind of easy and delicious once I got used to it.

So that's my plan now, to just really give WW a chance. It will probably feel uncomfortable at first, but it will be worth it soon.

Here I go.


Sam Segan said...

Something that always helps me is trying to make my palate a 'blank slate' and see transitioning to weight loss as a chance to try new, lighter, interesting recipes. Yeah, at first I feel hungry... but hunger makes food taste better, you know? I find I'm at my most creative, cookingwise, when beginning to lose weight, and often can tell when I'm gaining because I'm no longer enjoying my food, or have started to eat the same things over and over [and when I eat the same things I seem to need more and more of them to enjoy them... because I'm bored!].

Shanny said...

Hang in there darling! You can do this again and will do it.
I've never tried WW but I do track food and work out and it is so hard not to give in when we need some comfort espcially when I don't see any progress.

You are inspiring because you are real and honest. Good luck!!!!

Mom on a mission said...

Just found your blog:) I love it!! I am following on your fb page too.

I would love for you to check out my blog as well.

Mom on a mission said...

Just found your blog:) I love it!! I am following on your fb page too.

I would love for you to check out my blog as well.

Sarah said...

I go over my points so often and then I don't lose weight and then I figure I might as well eat that big fat spoon of pb or whatever. We have to hang tight! It'll work. We can do this.

Cyn Knight said...

we are we so damn hard on ourselves?!? this ISN'T easy and we are kickass strong women just for coming as far as we have and we need to pat ourselves on the back a bit more.
you will get your groove back... you have been through A LOT -- love yourself and just keep swimming mama!