Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to WW - Week One!

Monday, June 25
Official weigh in: 190.4

Day one back on track.  I considered waiting until Wednesday when I woke up, because that's when my brother goes back to NYC (where he lives) and it would be easier to just postpone this again.  But I went with my gut, which told me to start NOW.  Today went pretty well.  I ended up eating half of my weeklies, and that's okay for day one back.  Got on my bike, trampoline, and Nordic Track for an hour of cardio in the afternoon.

Tuesday, June 26

Day two! Because of more family drama, I was back in MO all day (middle of nowhere, no internet access) and ate fast food twice and didn't track.  Dinner was no better.  I ended up just calling the day 70 Points Plus even though I didn't actually track...

Wednesday, June 27

Day three... So far so good.  I did get on the scale again, just to see, and I'm still at 190.4 which kind of figures since I ate a lot of salty and fatty foods yesterday and have not been on top of ANY of the healthy checks for WW.  Today I'm determined to work on all of the healthy checks.  I'm even going to try to get in two servings of soy milk in daily, because I just noticed that there is 50% of required B12 in every cup of light originial Silk soy milk, and that's a very important nutrient!!!  My brother went home today, and it sucks to not have him  here anymore.  It's time to go WW grocery shopping, which means taking a copy of the Power Foods list with me! 

uh-oh.  Somehow got ahold of Stacey's little debbies and totally RUINED my WW week.  However, I'm going to start over tomorrow and not beat myself up over this, because I am being kind to myself now.  :-)

Thursday and Friday

I did pretty well with tracking, and tried to not let the negative numbers get in my way.  I still ended up overeating on Thursday. 

The Weekend

Sporadic tracking, but still WAY better than the last several weekends.

Weigh-in after my 50% OP first week back:
189.2 (-1.2)



Cyn Knight said...

awesome first week back!!!!


Megan said...

Great first week! You're doing awesome by tracking and getting back on the wagon :)