Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weight Watchers: The Good, The Bad, and The Plan!

I am back on the Weight Watchers wagon, and I'm loving it... for the most part.

There are so many good habits to embrace about Weight Watchers.

So far back on plan, I've noticed that PointsPlus has helped me in some ways and hurt me in others.

Here's the good, the bad, and the plan for week two back on WW.

The good:

(MOST) Fruits and vegetables are "free". This has encouraged me to eat lots of both. And I do. Eat lots. Of both. Which is a good thing! Vegetables and fruits are healthy and keep me full.

Activity Points make me want to exercise a lot! So I do. Since being back OP, I've exercised almost every day, and usually for about an hour. Exercise is a great endorphin-booster and so it has helped me not just with staying OP, but also with busting some stress.

All foods are allowed. No restriction of specificity, just quantity. So I am eating things like pizza and chips alongside my healthy Power Foods, because it's okay to eat these things in moderation.

The bad:

Weekly and Activity Points can be eaten at any time. And I'm sure this isn't how the plan is meant to be followed, but I kind of use those "extra" points on overeating and NOT listening to my hunger signals. I use them as permission to emotionally eat. 

I guess that's it. But that's a pretty big bad in my book. I need to stop overeating, and realize that I don't have to eat those points if I am not hungry. When I do eat them,  I should be using them for extra fuel, not extra junk.

The plan:

My plan is to start trying to listen to those pesky hunger signals again. If I'm hungry and out of dailies, drink water and eat fruits and veggies and low point Power Foods instead of saying "screw it" and overeating on junk food, thus making a huge dent in the WP/AP.

For now, it's Wednesday and I've used 70 "extra" points already. That's out of my WP and AP, and I still have a few left (this has been a heavy exercise week for me). I will be working on the hunger issue, and of course I get a clean slate on Monday...
It's good to be back.  :-)


Caron said...

I've been doing WW for ten years and I found that I could not do the PointsPlus plan as written. I can maintain on 29 points a day but if I add in the weekly points, I start back up on the scale. I've never ever used activity points.

I proved to myself the first year of PointsPlus that I could easily maintain on 29 points so when they they said go to 26 points this year I did. Now I saved the extra three points each day and used those 21 points as my weekly points. It's been working really well.

Oh, I do allow myself one free serving of fruit, but I count any others as one point. My leader did say that we might have to adjust the plan to suit us and that is what I did. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have been off and on the programme for the past years, but am now really determined to get to a healthy weight. The road ahead of me is extremely long though, but we have to hang in there and when we slip up get immediately back on track.

Because I have so much to lose, my daily amount of points is quite enormous and I have on average 17 points over at the end of the day, so I never use any of the activity or weekly points.

But you know what your weak points are so you're better armed to counter them.

Good luck with the diet.


melissa said...

This is my 3rd week with weight watchers and I have the same concern regarding emotional eating and extra points. My goal this week was to only eat my extra activity points, and so far I'm on track :) though I do find myself eating more sugar than I should...

Sarah said...

yeah if i use any of those weekly points i don't lose. sad face.