Sunday, June 23, 2013

New look!

As you can tell, I have changed the NAME and the LOOK of my blog!

I hope that you guys like it.  

As I've stated before on here, my journey has changed so much over the years, and I really have felt demotivated to blog on here lately, with a picture of myself at my low Weight Watchers weight and the title being about Weight Watchers.

Lately, my journey has been all about recovery.  Yes, I tried "one last diet" by attempting the New Sonoma Diet, and with that, I realized that I had truly reached diet rock bottom.  I'm ready to fully recover from disordered eating, which for me began with dieting at age 11.

It didn't really affect my weight until my senior year of high school.  These two pictures are Mom and me in 2001 after a choir concert, and Mom and me a year later at my dad's retirement.  What changed between these two pictures?  I developed a very unhealthy relationship with food.  

Ever since 2001, pictures of me taken every six months are unrecognizable.  My weight has ballooned up and shrunk down dramatically every few months due to my having such a terrible relationship with food.

In 2004, I went into treatment for EDNOS when my body had finally had enough.  I was about to die due to having starved myself for over a year at that point.  I "recovered" and was sent back out into the world, since my weight had stabilized and my therapists thought that I could make due without them.

It's nine  years later, and I am still caught in the depths of EDNOS, bouncing from one diet to another, one exercise program to another, and going from healthy to unhealthy.

I'm ready for it to STOP.  I am ready for health and happiness.  I'm ready to stop caring so much about my appearance.  I'm ready to end this yo-yo.  Most of all, I'm ready to not worry about food all of the time. I'm ready for stability.

The blog has changed over the years, and it is now going to be for recovery from EDNOS and Health At Every Size.

A blog about how my Color Me Rad 5K went is coming soon... (hint:  It was awesome.)

I hope that you all enjoy the changes.


Shannon Tatlock said...

Awesome! Love the new blog. You will figure things out and what works for you. Keep working at it and battle on. :)

Leah: Not Otherwise Specified said...

I'm so glad that you like it. Thanks!

Me said...

Love the new look and the positive outlook- you can do this! :)

Mariebop said...

Love the new look! Can't wait to read about the 5K.

Leah: Not Otherwise Specified said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

Leah: Not Otherwise Specified said...

I'm so glad that you love it! 5K post coming later today. :-)