Saturday, December 18, 2010

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm shouting. But only because I'm so excited about making this goal.

The goal that I'm talking about is "Lose 50 Pounds in 2010" which as of this morning, I have done.

:-) :-) :-)

I started out weighing 207 on January 1, 2010 and as of this morning's weigh-in, I weigh 156.8.

Some people get very de-motivated by calendar goals. I used to be one of them. But in January I decided that I would make my first big calendar goal of losing 50 pounds in one year.

That is losing "only" about a pound a week. I was tagged (on facebook) in a picture from about a year ago, putting up the Christmas tree in December of '09. I decided to attach that picture, along with one that was taken on December 11 of this year.

It's pretty amazing to see how far I've come. And that a pound a week adds up!!! Don't ever let anyone tell you that it's not enough to lose 4 pounds a month.

I have not suffered one bit to lose a pound a week. I just eat a little less, and exercise a little more. (Okay, okay, I exercise a LOT more, since I was pretty inactive before). But my main point here is that you don't need to cut out a food group or eat barely anything to see real results.

And everyone who mocked my slow weight loss a year ago is now asking how I did it. How did I lose so much weight?! I tell them, "Weight Watchers, which is basically just 'eat less, move more' with a support system. Plus I cut out meat and dairy, and exercise a lot. And I never give up."


melissa said...

YAY!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! you truly are an inspiration :)

Florrie said...

congratulations!!! Knew you could do it :D
You're looking fantastic!

Katy said...

Way to go, Leah! You look great! I love the Christmas last year vs. Christmas this year pictures. It's such an amazing thing seeing the two side to side. Way to go!

c said...

Congrats! You are very inspirational, especially with never giving up. What a difference a year makes!

Amanda said...

Congrats Leah!!! You look amazing. I am so proud of you and watching you come this far is really motivating for me. I started in January as well and I'm at -33 lbs for the year so far. Although I wish I was down more I am really happy to be where I am now. It's all about balance and I found that for me. Even if it takes me longer...I'll get there!

Thanks for being so motivating and putting yourself out there and sharing your story with all of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud!!!!

Florrie said...

I thought youd like to know that I'm taking the baton from you and am determined to lose 50lbs in 2011 :D
I've turned it into a challenge on the uk WW site and everything!
I'm hoping some more people join me!