Monday, February 14, 2011

A Shout-Out to "Oh She Glows" and my thoughts on switching to the Simply Filling Technique.

I stumbled upon this blog (click on the picture to see it yourself) a few days ago, thanks to one of my commenters mentioning it (Thanks, Lizzie! ).
WOW. This blog really speaks to me! Angela has a story simular to mine. She has a history of eating disorders and a history of not loving herself.
She found a way to say "goodbye" to dieting forever. I hope to do the same some day.
For now, I will continue with Weight Watchers, and will probably stay on it until a few months after reaching my goal weight. Then... I will be going back to something so scary-sounding to a chronic dieter that I hesitate to mention it on this blog: Intuitive Eating.
It's how I want to eat. I dream of the day that I can just listen to my hunger signals, eat healthy and whole foods to satisfaction, an occassional vegan cupcake, and maintain a healthy weight forever.
And after reading some of "Oh She Glows", I realize that my dream is not so impossible. If she can do it, so can I! :-)
I'm going to start the BIG SWITCH from counting PointsPlus for everything to the Simply Filling Technique.
I'm starting right now by eating mostly Power Foods and trying to listen to my hunger signals.
I plan to go fully SFT in March, and to give that method 100% for the entire month.
It just sounds like so much freedom, being done counting PointsPlus!
Here's how the Simply Filling Technique works:
Choose food from the Power Foods list. All of those foods have no PointsPlus anymore. You no longer have a Daily Points target to get to, all you have is your Power Foods and your hunger signals.
You do still have your 49 Weekly Points and any Activity Points. All of these can be used for foods that are not on the Power Foods list. For me, that would be: chips, pizza, tortillas, redvines, oreos, and chocolate. These are all foods that I already eat in moderation, so I am starting to really believe that I can handle the Simply Filling Technique!!!
The only problem is listening to my hunger signals. But if I want to eventually be an Intuitive Eater (not count PointsPlus/calories for anything, just listen to hunger signals and cravings), I have to start somewhere. The Simply Filling Technique seems like a great stepping stone.


Her Posh Palate... said...

Love this post! I've been reading OSG's for a few months. She's such an inspiring blogger!

I'm really looking forward to your updates on how it goes with the SFT. I feel like trying it out, but from a non-vegan junkfood junkie point of view, it looks somewhat intimidating.

I swear my hunger signals are non-existant. I literally feel fine and within 30 seconds can go into "IM F-ING STARVING" mode. Having my meals already planned/packed definitely helps with that.

Good luck, Leah!

Priscilla said...

Hi Leah!! Nice...maybe I should try that one...cuz i'm not liking this whole new pt system. I'm gonna check it out to see if its better for me =)

Andrea said...

I love SFT. When I first did it years ago, back when it was Core, it was very challenging. I ate jello, fat-free cool whip, and whole wheat pasta all week.

Every so often when I need to get my portions in check I'll do PointPlus. Now that I actually enjoy and prefer Power Foods, when I do count PointsPlus it looks very much like SFT. So it's a natural progression to do SFT, especially as I got closer to and am now at goal. On SFT it's powerful for me to realize that sometimes I don't eat only when I'm hungry, even when I'm within my Daily Points Target when doing PP.

Thin Lizzy said...


Jennifer said...

I'm hoping to try simply filling once I have maintained at goal for a bit. In the meantime, I'm working on getting better at listening to my body/ hunger signals. :)

Thanks for your comment! You hit the nail on the head! You are so right! I was in a relationship in college and I stayed in it for much longer than I should have bc it was comfortable and bc I convinced myself I wouldn't be able to find better and I just needed to settle if I wanted to get married. Looking back, it's kind of embarrassing and I feel horrible that I wasted HIS time, too. I was single most of my life until that relationship and then after that relationship I was single for another couple of years before I met my fiance. It's so important to get to know YOU before you commit to another.