Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2010 vs. Christmas 2011

Same outfit, same weight.  I spent 2011 trying to lose weight, but I ended up basically maintaining.  I'm pretty happy with that, actually. 

I'm not weighing in at all right now, and have decided to go with how I feel in my clothes instead of what the scale says for 2012.  I have a bit of post-holiday chub going on at the moment, and my formerly loose 14's are now a bit snug.

I'm going to post another picture-post later about  my first experience with sunbutter spread... 

I hope that all of you had a happy holidays, and I wish you all only the best for 2012. 

Let's make 2012 a year of health, happiness, and prosperity, okay?  Seriously, we can make it happen.  :-)  Cheers.

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