Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Distraction-Free Eating?

Okay, so I had this big plan for today with my eating.  It was going to be HUGE for me.  One day or distraction-free eating.
For me, that means no TV while eating.

...I will admit right here that it didn't work out.  I'm too addicted to eating while watching TV.  Plus I'm still on winter break.

Life update:  I left my job as an administrative assistant on December 22nd (with plenty of notice in order to get a great reference).  This was a great decision for me, because I am now going to be able to continue going to school full time, and will be able to take classes during the day. 

The new semester starts on January 12, and I am very excited to start my life as a non-working student!  I will have to get a parttime job within a few months, but I am taking an entire semester off from work, which will feel like such a break for me. 

So I thought that during my little break, I would get stuff accomplished, and maybe learn some new healthy eating habits, such as eating at the table with the TV off.

Today, I sat down at the table to a delicious breakfast of waffles with PB&J and some syrup on top.

Plus diet coke (my version of coffee) and a banana.  It was delicious, and filling, and I even had some left over that I just wasn't hungry for.

But by the next time I was hungry, I just didn't want to sit at the table.  I wanted my old school TV tray, and I wanted to watch Buffy and enjoy myself.  So...  I gave up.  Well, I still consider it an accomplishment that I did it for one meal!  Maybe an entire day was too much for a beginner. 

Anyway, here's something else that I accomplished today-  I cleaned out one of my closets!

STUFF TO DONATE!  (Anyone need size 16's or 12's?)
So that's all for now!  I hope that all of you are having great days. 

Also, I'm considering doing another book giveaway soon!  It will be for specific books this time, not choose-your-own like the last couple.  ;-)

Do you eat your meals at a table, distraction-free? 
Or are you more of a TV-eater, like me?


Rae said...

Other than dinnertime if my husband isn't working night shift, I mostly eat in front of the TV on the coffee table.

Stacey said...

At home I always eat in front of the TV. Even with DBF. We make our plates and hunker down for an evening of Cheers. :)

At work, I'm usually eating in front of my computer.

So, yeah, I like to be distracted while I eat. :)

And if you're serious, I could actually use some size 16 clothes *cry*.

Megan said...

Good for you for starting somewhere! I've never been a TV watcher while eating. We always did (and still do) family meals. I do very rarely sit in front of the TV while eating, only if I'm home alone. The computer is more of my problem.

LabelSnob said...

Hi Leah! I think eating in front of the TV is a habit you have to break slowly! You did great doing it with the one meal! Try eating without TV each morning and then add dinner after a couple weeks!
Not eating in front of the TV I think is key to really savouring and enjoying your meal. And it's always when the hubs and I catch up on our day.
Take care and Happy New Year!