Monday, June 13, 2011

Good news/Bad news and Intuitive Exercise

First of all, some good news and bad news.  Since I pride myself in my blogging honesty, particularly in all things food and exercise, I felt the need to share a couple of things with you. 

Good news:  I was down 1.2 at my Saturday WI!  This means that last week's .6 gain was really just normal maintenance stuff.  I am planning to stick in the Weight Watchers maintenance range because I like it: 142-146.  Having this range gives me  sense of peace about my weight, instead of being so focused on staying at 144.0 forever.  (Of course, since I'm working on finding my happy/healthy weight with IE, the number may eventually go above or below that number).

Bad news: I binged.  A real binge, not a cutesy mini-binge.  I ate an entire pizza and two bowls of cereal, all while not hungry at all.  And this, after all of my progress with IE, while KNOWING that I am always allowed to eat anything.  I know that it was an emotional binge (bored, lonely, helpless).  It was stupid.  I don't like calling myself stupid, but that is what my actions indicated on Saturday night: stupidity. 

However- I learned my lesson.  My stomach was KILLING me after this binge.  I decided right then and there that it was over.  That I was going to move on immediately with my IE journey, and not let one binge destroy my efforts.  I could have easily restricted my eating the next day to "make up" for the binge, but I didn't.  I got right back on track.

I haven't gotten to this part of the book yet, but I remember there being a part in it about how even naturally intuitive eaters will sometimes overeat for emotional reasons, and that the difference between an IE-er and a dieter is that the IE-er doesn't see it as a big deal, and after the overeating, they immediately go right back to naturally listening to their hunger signals.

So in that way, I guess I am still on the right track towards becoming an intuitive eater. 

Okay, now for the other reason of this post: Intuitive Exercise!

I realized that I almost never follow my workout plan.  I have decided to stop making them.  Instead, I will just work to get in some sort of workout every day, taking one or two days off a week if I need to.  Instead of writing the plan over there (I don't know if anyone noticed, but I've been writing my workout plan to the right for a while now), I will write what I did that day after I do it.  That way, there is an accurate tracking of my workouts every week.  No plan.  Just do what I feel like doing that day.

Okay, now that I got all of that off my chest, I want to close with a couple of great quotes that I picked up from one of my new favorite blogs, The Begin Within Blog:

Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity. ~St. Augustine

Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables. ~Spanish Proverb

Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow. ~Yiddish Proverb

Coming up: Principle 3 of Intuitive Eating- Make Peace with Food; and Tasty Tuesday!


Andrea said...

One victory I see from your post is that after your binge you "decided right then and there that it was over." You didn't wait until the next day or the next week, figuring you had already failed.

Mariebop said...

Great strategy with the workout plan... or lack thereof. As long as you're doing something you're on the right track.

Honestly, I'm scared of pizza. I can easily eat 1/2 of one before I realize what I'm doing. Thankfully, DH has already eaten the other half. :P

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I like your attitude after binging. So important to just pick yourself back up and go from there. That's great!

Cyn said...

I feel your pain -- I had a binge this weekend too -- nothing over-the-top -- just more than I should eat.

All we can do is recognize, account, dust off, and move on!

Amanda said...

We've all had our moments. I had one Friday night even though I swore I was going to be back OP. I went out and planned on having 2 drinks well I had 9 drinks, 2 shots, and a roast beef sandwich smothered in cheese, onions, and peppers. Yeah that's not OP. Lol! I'm up a little and TOM is here but I'm hoping to have a so/so WI this Saturday.

Reyonda said...

Hey Leah! I'm a new follower & I find your blog to be very inspiring. The important thing in this situation is that you realized your mistake & that you're now ready to move on. I think that you have a great attitude!

Katie said...

Leah, congrats on the loss. Yeah, binges are really, really tough. But the best thing to do is what you're already doing--moving on and shedding the guilt. I like how you distinguish an IE from a dieter. The IE doesn't feel guilt over overeating/ binging, but the dieter does. I think the guilt only reinforces the cycle.

You are so inspiring--I hope to one day be as successful as you are.

Megan said...

You did a wonderful job on picking yourself up and dusting yourself off rather than making up for what you ate! Great job Leah, and nice loss! You have a wonderful attitude with this IE and it's definitely working!

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to follow a workout plan either. Aside from the classes I go to it's a free for all! WOOHOO! :) I figure, as long as I'm doing something, it's all good!