Thursday, June 16, 2011

An update on Intuitive Exercise

So far, so good!  I am LOVING exercising this way.  I think that by not making a plan, I've actually exercised more this week that I usually do.  Typically by now I would have taken a day of rest, but since I'm really listening to my body and mind and only doing what I really want to do for exercise, I've just not wanted a DOR this week.  I'm sure my body will eventually crave rest, but for now, I'm going strong!

Last night I did walking/running intervals on the treadmill, and it felt so good.  I wasn't obligated to do it by some strict rule in my head ("You haven't run this week yet, you fool!  Time to get back on, even if you don't want to!!!") instead I really wanted to do it ("Wow, I've missed running; time to get my run on! Yay!").

looks like intuitive exercise to me!
[picture source]

As I ran I watched the last 20-30 minutes of Memoirs of a Geisha followed by the first half of last week's Army Wives.  Let me just say that while I was an emotional wreck (both of these TV options are extremely sappy), I still got in a good workout.  :-) 

I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with both IE and the newfound joys of Intuitive Exercise.

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I still am working on my post about the third principle of Intuitive Eating: Make Peace with Food.  If you want to know all ten principles, just check out my new page!

I promise you a really good, really well thought-out blog entry soon!  Time to get some work done...


Mariebop said...

I might have to follow your lead on this one. Adhering to a preset schedule really isn't working for me. Thanks for the great idea! I'm glad it's working for you!

LabelSnob said...

That's awesome Leah! I wish I didn't have to "schedule" my exercise but for me if I don't I wouldn't do it.
I think you have really taken the stress off yourself and it's working! Keep it up!

melissa said...

good for you! i have a schedule because i still need it.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

This is so great! Unless Im training for a race, I workout this way too. It's so great, because you just do what you feel like!

Cyn said...

I L♥VE the whole *intuitive* concept -- it's exactly where I hope to be someday!

L♥vin' the new FB page too!


Anonymous said...

I'm totally an intuitive exercise. It's funny because I actually find I'm MORE motivated to workout when I'm not forcing myself to do it but rather just doing it because I enjoy it :)