Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hunger Scale

As you all know, I've stepped away from Weight Watchers (WW) and have begun a new journey with Intuitive Eating (IE).

One thing that WW and IE have in common is that both encourage eating according to a "hunger scale". This is something that I never really embraced through WW, but am now really focused on with IE. I searched the web for good examples of hunger scales, and found one that really speaks to me.

It is targeted towards folks with eating disorders, so that's very possibly why it seemed just for me.

1. Starving State – I am so hungry I want to eat everything in sight. I feel urgency. I have severe hunger pangs. The feeling is intolerable. I may be shaky and lightheaded, weak, and/or sleepy. I am obsessing about food.

2. Ravenous State – I am overly hungry but not to the point where it is intolerable. I have pain in my stomach. I feel energy drained and a bit lethargic. I have lack of concentration and significant thoughts of food.

3. Solid Hunger State – I am solidly hungry. I have slight hunger pangs or twinges. The discomfort is mild. I definitely want to eat but I feel in control. I feel like I really know what I want to eat that will satisfy me.

4. Mild Hunger State – I am not quite hungry. I feel slight sensations in my stomach but I’m not quite ready to eat. I have a bit of stomach growling. Thoughts of food are mild. I know I will want to eat soon.

5. Neutral State – I feel neither hunger nor fullness. I really have no physical sensations at all. I have little or no thoughts of food. If I eat now, food may not taste as good as I hoped it would.

6. Mild Fullness State – I am a little full but I could eat a bit more to feel satisfied. I have slight sensations in my stomach but I feel it’s too soon to stop eating. I’m beginning to feel a bit more energized.

7. Solid Fullness State – I am solidly full. I feel no hunger pangs. I feel slight sensations in my stomach but they are not painful. I feel satisfied and peaceful. I feel like I have some energy in my body. It is a good feeling. Food begins to be a bit less appealing.

8. Slightly Overfull State – I feel slightly overfull like perhaps I should have stopped eating a few bites sooner. My stomach feels like it may be distended a bit. I feel slight pressure on my stomach from my clothes.

9. Overfull State – I am overfull. I feel physically uncomfortable. My clothes feel tighter around my stomach. I feel drained and sleepy. I am bloated.

10. Stuffed State – I am exceedingly full. I feel extremely physically uncomfortable. Food no longer tastes good. I ate much more than I feel was good for my body. I have no energy. I feel like I could get physically ill.

(from The Begin Within Blog.  If you like this hunger scale, check out the link because there is a really cool diagram over there, too!)

I never want to be at 1, 2, 8, 9, or 10 again. I am working very hard at staying between 3 and 7. I still find myself getting to 8 quite often, unfortunately! It's definately difficult to listen to my hunger signals 100% of the time, but I'm learning.

Anyone else working on listening to your hunger signals?

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Mariebop said...

I'm always working on listening to my hunger signals. It's the times when I ignore it that it causes problems. :P I've used this scale in the past. Thanks for the little reminder!

Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

i struggle with my hunger signals daily, two settings: starving or over stuffed.

Somehow I manage to over stuff myself on fruits and veggies?

I am finding journaling to be very helpful.